Friday, May 15, 2009

What Up? Catherine McNeil

Every once in awhile a model comes along and shoots right to the top. Such is the case with Australian beauty Catherine McNeil. Coveted by V as "the next big thing" and shot exclusively by Mario Testino for the first six months of her career, she has gone on to work with every major name in fashion. And has banked campaigns for Hugo Boss, JPG, Versace and Dior (among others,) with a shit-load of good editorial.

I first spoke with Catherine backstage at Marc Jacobs while showing her a post I'd ran on her the day before. We had a laugh at me writing about what a "tall drink of water" she was and that was that. Until one night at some fashion party (where I'd shown up sans camera and immediately sought out the quietest most private part of the bar) and there she was. Doing the exact same! Needless to say it was love at first sight.

Personally, I love Catherine McNeil. She's down-to-earth, real, a total tomboy, and cool as shit. Professionally, I don't think we've seen the best of her yet!

So what's up Cat?

JD: So what's up Cat?
Catherine McNeil: I'm gettin a new tattoo.
JD: What?!? Another one??
CM: Ya I'm putting it right here and it's all these arrows that point in the same direction up this way and it signifies law of attraction. I'm getting it in white.
JD: Okay, wait. Is this part of the recent tattoo bender you've been on, or are you actually trying to attract something?
CM: (Laughs) No, it's about bringing good energy into my life.
JD: I don't understand you with the tattoos, you get em on a whim every other day!! I get a message from you saying "just got a tattoo."
CM: They're addictive. Like seriously addictive. Plus all mine are hidden so its not a problem anyways.
JD: Okay, so whats with all these crystals you brought back from Brazil?
CM: Well, I was laying under a full moon on the beach and Daisy had these crystals and she was telling me all about the power they have and how they can help balance energy in your body.
JD: Wait so Daisy's in to crystals?
CM: Ya, as a part of spiritual healing.
JD: Okay go on.
CM: So we're laying there and, under a full moon, we just placed them all over my body in special areas and then I just..well..felt good.
JD: Wha'd you feel?
CM: Just happy and peaceful and good.
JD: So were you conscious of what you were doing, like, with a bit of intention on letting the moon and the crystals work together? Or you just started feeling better without even thinking about it?
CM: I just felt good.
JD: So then wha'd you guys do?
CM: Smoked and chilled. And then it was my turn on-set.
JD: And what was Abbey doing all this time?
CM: I actually don't know what Abbey was doing. She disappears sometimes randomly.
JD: Ya she does that doesn't she. How was the shoot?
CM: Amazing. Best job I've ever done.
JD: Hmm...okay. So what should we talk about?
CM: You tell me, it's your interview.
JD: Shut up you freak.
CM: You're the freak.
JD: Well it's just weird, I already know anything I'd be asking you. And we don't wanna talk about fashion or modeling.
CM: Dude! You need a fucking recorder (Laughs) then we could just chill and talk instead of this, you, "cluck-clucking" on your keyboard while we're talking!
JD: I know, I'm so ghetto. Ok, so you're back in NYC?
JD: Come on! We have to be serious!
CM: Yes JD, im back in NYC. Unfortunately.
JD: But you love NYC.
CM: Ya but I didn't want to leave Brazil.
JD: So here one day?
CM: No, three. And then I'm off.

(We laugh hysterically for 10 minutes for no reason at all.)

JD: Stop! Come on we have to be serious. Okay this is a "What's up?" lets act like we just met and I'm interviewing you. So tell me Catherine McNeil, how have things been going?
CM: You're retarded.
JD: How 'bout, So Catherine, you've been crazy working lately.
CM: Blah.
JD: Okay, so how long now have you been raw?
CM: 6 wks...Raw vegan though.
JD: What? It's been 6 wks already?
CM: Yep. Oh my god! Did you see the last Family Guy?
JD: Not yet, I'm totally hooked on American Dad.
CM: Well, we're gonna watch it. It's fucking hysterical. Basically they're always ragging on Stephen King so the whole episode was all these Stephen King references and Joe somehow kept fucking off his legs and they did like this mini're gonna die.
JD: I know, they do the most fucked up things with his legs. The last one I saw was a cat or a dog that kept eating and scratching off the flesh on his legs and it was so gross. But do you watch American Dad?
CM: Ya, Roger is seriously like the funniest person on TV period.
JD: How come they don't, like, integrate the two? Like have Roger meet Stewey?
CM: It wouldn't work. I have dirt in my belly button.
JD: Ew, gross. Okay wait so what is the official tat count as of now?
CM: I'm embarrassed to say.
JD: C'mon.
CM: 14.

JD: WHAT!! When I met you it was like half that!
CM: OMG do you remember when we first met? How funny was that?
JD: Ya, totally.
CM: I walked in to that club or party or whatever it was during fashion week and immediately ran to hide in the corner, and you were already there!! LOL.
JD: I know, we're just alike, and now that we know each other it's no surprise we both sussed out the only place in the party away from everyone! LOL! That's really funny. Seems like ages ago, no?
CM: Ya.
JD: Okay, so seriously. Hows life?
CM: Okay, seriously. Life is really amazing at the moment.
JD: Ya? How so?
CM: I'm just having the best time in the city with friends and having lots of fun and focusing on being in a good place.
JD: Hence the good eating?
CM: Ya.
JD: Well you can totally see a difference. You look amazing. So what does one feel from being raw vegan? What are the benefits?
CM: I have energy and clarity...physically my hair is good my eyes are clear my skin is good..there's just a sparkle in my eye. I've been working with a few different people and I have this one guy I see regularly, he's, I guess you'd say a healer of sorts. He's great and helps alot. So the good eating just helps with all that.
JD: Totes. Well you look amazing. Here, put these on. Lets take a pic of you with these big dorky glasses.
CM: I fuckin' love these.
JD: And then lets make brownies!
CM: Cool.


Anonymous said...

she sounds fun. and that pic is so cute

Anonymous said...

JD I love this:)

You should do more of these casual interviews.

Garret Neff maybe> plz pz

Anonymous said...

you guys are so cute. and she's so hot and mf cool! :)

Anonymous said...

She is so damn hot.