Saturday, September 18, 2010

Behati Freja Abbey

Played with the girls backstage at Anna Sui. So fun.

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Wang Party Pics

Wang party pics are up at V! Aggy and Eliza made my night. SO fun!!

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Suvi Suvi Suvi

Me and Suvi at Proenza. She looks amazing! I love you Suvs!!

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

V Party

V had a major blowout at the Boom Boom Room Monday night. EVERYone was there and it was a total blast. You can see all the action here.

Florian, who I had not partied with since Men's two Summers ago. Looooooove.
And playing with George, Josh and Jeremy.

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365 :: a visual diary

My buddy Christopher Sherman has been covering the ins-and-outs, both front and back-of-house, for years. Check out his visual diary where you can see everything from celebs out front, girls backstage, and yes, his favorite iconic "bandana-ed" photographer.

Happy Birthday Christopher! I love you and thank you for a great week!

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Christina Hendricks

Anyone who's been reading my Twitter knows I'm a recent Mad Men convert. And it's not just John Hamm I'm obsessed with. So you can imagine the big nellie scream I let out the other night at the Hilfiger party when I turned around and there stood the sexy curvy redhead from the show. OMG. I died. And she was SO nice!

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Clement Chabernaud

The one. The only. Clement. In town for his NY debut. SO good catchin' up. Whassup sucka??

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Work Work Work

Just wrapped 3 days of shooting downtown and around Tribeca. Little rooftop action for hot new face Franklin R (Request Models) to take with him back to Brazil.

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Kristin Cavallari

Met Kristin Cavallari from The Hills the other night! Don't think I didn't get all up in her business for some dish. She was alot of fun. Loved her!

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Boys Boys Boys

Lenz, Jeremy and Josh..WV.

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Phillip Lim Men's

LOVED Phillip's men's show...casting, clothes, catwalk, everything. Check it out!

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Tommy Hilfiger 25th Anniversary

Hilfiger party at the Lincoln Center focking rocked!! You can check out the action here!

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Patrik Ervell

Roy Pratt at Patrik Ervell. Pics to come at

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Wang After Party

Alex threw THE best party Saturday night, a carnival over on the Westside. SO much fun. Pics on the way at

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Alexander Wang

Wang was so much fun. Spent the entire backstage chillin' out back with Abbey.

And of course Fre Fre.

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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Fashion Night Out

Spent Fashion Night Out with Cecilia, riding around in an SUV from store to store. Insane zoo. Pics here!

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Party pics from Chanel here! Didn't grab a shot of Karl (can u believe?) and never pulled my camera out at the dinner (which was amazing) cuz I couldn't be bothered.

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Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Girls

Hanne, Alana and Diana. LOVE.

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New Face

Bastian. With Request.

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The Italians!! Davide and Antonello.

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Diana Moldovan and James Kaliardos.

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Ran in to Ryan Schira. Such a cutie.

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Smells Like Paper

Shot Paper Mag-Hanson (yes "Ooh Bop" Hanson) Ray-Ban party first night in. SO fun.

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Guess What?

I'm back. For a limited time. Here for a couple jobs, parties, some backstage...but mostly fun. Wo-hoooo!

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