Wednesday, April 28, 2010

So I got all the tech probs sorted (well, I'm able to blog anyways) after my meltdown last Friday (see post below.) Turns out Mercury is in Retrograde until the 11th of May. (Of course) I should've known.

Thanks to "Ted" who posted a response to my thread on the Blogspot forum asking for help with my font/color issues, along with the encouragement of an Anonymous commenter this morning (urging me to keep truckin' on) I decided to return to computer world and see if I could make some headway. Which, I have. So thank you both.

So. Why am I calling this post with a pic of Johnny Cash flippin' the bird? Well, in hopes of having it show up on Google for the folks over at Twitpic to read, I would just like to, officially, state for the record how irritated and disappointed I am that Twitpic is now blocking people from posting their twtipics (literally blocking) on their (my) blog(s). Ya. It's true.

And I have no interest in using Twitpic or encouraging anyone else to use Twitpic any longer. (Though I'm leaving the Lick My Twit header up for now. In hopes that Twitpic will come to their senses and see the benefits of keeping users happy.)

As far as the Firefox issue, thanks for all your tips and suggestions on how to rectify the problems my upgrade brought on, but I've switched back to Safari. Which is just the same.

So for now, I'm back. (Though I wasn't blogging much anyways.) And for those of you who haven't read about my past probs on the V blog concerning Mercury in Retorograde and have no idea what that even means. Click
here. (That shits true, yo!)

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