Friday, April 16, 2010

Tech Problems 2010

At this very moment Firefox has erased all of my bookmarks (including passcodes to all of my sites) and will no longer allow me to scroll "back" or "fwd". Twitpic (the thumbnails you usually see on this page to the right) has stopped working, and now the blog post I am working on will not remain black (the text) and even after I save as such, returns to grey. So I guess my question is:

Am I the ONLY person in the world that seems to have NON-STOP tech problems??? And like basic shit! I mean, really?? My bookmarks are gone? REALLY?? I can't scroll back to the page I was just on??

At this point it's seriously ridiculous. Like a bad joke. And though Firefox gives me a whole list of instructions I can follow (which lead to reading thread after thread from other users who have experienced the same problem,) and Twitpic gives me a link to read to remedy that problem and, at this very moment, I'm waiting for the generosity of whoever is out there in Blogspot world that will take the time to answer the question I posted in the Help Forum as to why my text won't stay black, I have to say, I'm honestly over all of it. Like OVAH!

OH! And don't let me forget how even though I have gone through Facebook's reliable "Privacy Settings" over and over again (always checking the box that keeps strangers on the web from seeing my friends list,) I still received emails this week from friends saying "Do you know such and such? They requested me and they said they are a friend of yours." So how is that possible you may ask? Because Facebook, for some reason, insists on constantly changing our privacy settings (unbeknownst to us) always making our "private" info avail to the public. Time and time again.

So, A) Why can't shit just work? B) Am I turning in to the crazy old bitter queen overwhelmed and unable to deal with problems on his computer? and C) I'm over all this technology bullshit that we all bought in to and am convinced when shit stops working it's just a ploy on the part of those running these sites to get us to have to upgrade to the latest software (ie..the second my Firefox crashed I was immediately offered an upgrade for Google Chrome (the latest new browser) WHICH, of course, requires me to upgrade my OS X. Pfft..

So, I imagine I will (very soon) adopt the mindset of the cute little old neighbor couple I have next to me back computer, no internet, no BBM, Twitter, Twitpic or social network of any kind (not even an answering machine or cell phone) and just go back to keeping it simple.

There. I'm done bitching. Enjoy your grey text. (And I see now the font throughout this post is different as well..ugh).


cj said...

its a lovely shade of gray :)

Anonymous said...

JD- Did you recently do an upgrade to any of the sites you mentioned?


Bingo. that's exactly what the prob is i bet. i upgraded with all three in the last few days...firefox, twitpic and blogspot so that must be the problem.

so that's how it is now? everytime one of these sites we use do an upgrade we're gonna have problems? honestly, im barely blogging as it is anymore...i bet this is what finally gets me to stop.

oh well, it was fun while it lasted, but i have no interest in spending time to work out the problems of new upgrades, when im so over all this technology as it is. thanks for the tip!

Anonymous said...

When it happened to me it turned out I had a registry problem. I used uninstalled Firefox, ran CC Cleaner to fix registry problems (mostly lingering Firefox stuff), then reinstalled Firefox and everything was back to normal. There were (I conjecture) conflicts between old Firefox info and new. Good luck! (Nice shade of gray, though, I agree!

yoshi said...

Firefox (on Windows and Mac) has gotten less stable with every version. And the arrogance of the developers is starting to wear on me. I'm just one crash away from moving to Chrome or back to Safari.

On OX X to resolve a similar issue I had a week ago I erased the ~/Library/Application Support/Firefox directory and started over. Its been stable since then.

Anonymous said...

Did you read this? It has some solutions to your exact problem. Sounds like you can get bookmarks back... (click on the link in the 4th bullet from the top "locked or damaged places..." sounds like your problem exactly.

Anonymous said...

jd...i love your blog, don't give up on us! i always look forward to your posts. keep up the good work you sexy thang.

Anonymous said...

punishment for being offline for so long? :( please don't sabotage your career/online presence. you got a great thing started. now's not the time to turn your back on what got you on the map. embrace it!

Luke said...

hey JD. Lol at the crazy old bitter queen bit, but nawh. You'll always be like, adonis.
Anyway, firefox is slowly turning into shit (imo). I would suggest switching to Chrome or plain ol safari (if you're on a mac)

justme said...

try disabling the read more feature.

wax said...

blame it on the MERCURY RETROGRADE.