Sunday, October 11, 2009

Cole's Video

I'm so retarded. I just got an email asking why Cole's video ended so abruptly(?) So I logged on to investigate, only to discover that, yes, only half of the video uploaded to YouTube. (Ugh.) So, if you're a Cole Mohr fan and wanna see more, here you go. And just ignore the post below. I'm only leaving it up cause it's a cute shot of Luke.


Anonymous said...

we want more...we want more...we want more...we want more...we want more...pls jd.... do you have lenz video?

Anonymous said...

That makes more sense now.
Thx for taking the time:)
I love when you do videos

Anonymous said...

aha that makes sense.

but make sure to give lenz a go with the camera in fw10, please :D