Thursday, July 2, 2009


So I spent the first half of Men's SS 2010 bitter, in rainy New York, and the second half in a Michael Jackson k-hole. Here's my two-cent observations while lying in bed the other night at 3am, clickin' through the shows. Starting with two new faces that caught my eye.

DNA's Robert Rae from Canada I've been wanting to shoot for months. Unfortunately he hasn't been in town, so I was happy to see his face on the runway. And not just any catwalk, Burberry, Trussardi, Ferragamo, Dunhill, Raf Simmons and YSL. Not a bad way to start your first season.

And then Major's Patrick Kafka who also booked a slew of good shows, and rightfully so. Everyone wanted a piece of this 17 year old from Vienna, including Zegna, Bottega Veneta, Dolce, Moschino, D Squared, Trussardi, Hugo Boss, Galliano, and he even a snagged a spot at Jil Sander.

Patrick Kafka.

WHO IS THIS BOY?!? And don't tell me Thomas from VNY.

This is Thomas.

Here, here's another shot of him. I think he's amazing.

Dominique Hollington's goin strong.

Ian Jones was back.

So was Ryan Taylor.

Fashion MO-dell.

AJ killed it.

Gabriel Aubrey at LV? Uh...okay.

Four great faces I've never seen. One.




And two who's names I can't remember.

Both look amazing.

Clint Mauro- YUM.

Vincent, again, was everywhere.

Another shot of Patrick Kafka, looking very cute.



Dennis Johnson always looks good.

VMAN finalist Aiden Andrews who I knew would do well. Here he is at YSL.

And then contest winner Jake at Calvin.

Who tied with CJ.

Beautiful faced boy.

This kid is SO cool..I love seeing him backstage and he always does well.

Thibault- GORG.

Love the look, love the boy.

I'm so bored.

Another shot of the beautiful boy who's name I can't remember.

Super hot (and super funny) Blake Kuchta.

Nate Gill had a great first season.

Chris Pulliam, the sweetest kid ever.

New face and Calvin exclusive Phillipp Schmidt.

And Simon Nessman, who still can do no wrong.


Anonymous said...

3rd boy, I believe is Michael Gstoettner (sp?). in Versace fragrance currently. 25 year old fireman.

4 great new faces- black suit/Arthur D, brown leather jacket/I don't know, grey sweater/Linus, black suit/Yannick (opened and closed Raf again like last season (was one of my top newcomers).

followed by Gordie (former motw) ADORable, and Alexandre Imbert, (former motw), GOR-geous.

Major-er (with white hood) is Frankie Ellis
Beautiful faced boy (whose pic is right after CJ) is Viggo who's working with Meisel right now.

Young black model is Courtney Taylor.
After Thibault, is Tommy from Wings Models in the orange shirt at Calvin.

After Jesus, is Alexandre Imbert again...

So I missed one kid.. darn it! let me know when you find out who it is :)


Anonymous said...

oops. missed 2.

it's late. xb

Anonymous said...

his name

Viggo Jonasson

Anonymous said...

The beautiful boy is Alexandre Imbert.

Anonymous said...

Is that really Michael from the Versace ads? He looks so young if it is ... In the campaign he looks like he's around 30!

dave peterson said...

What a great wrap up!! I really enjoyed all your little comments!

Last shot of Patrick is most exciting (to me)

Anonymous said...

You have a sharp eye Jd FErguson

Jackie said...

Hey JD love the blog, as always! Will there be any behind the scene videos from fashion week? Had a ball watching them last season :D <3

sd said...

Patrick Kafka has killer hair in the first photo
and Simon has my heart



Ray Avito said...

That Patrick is some kind of looker. I can see why he made a splash.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but I just don't feel Dominique Hollington. Nate Gill, yes, definitely. I guess each to his own. Maybe its a Alek Wek moment?

Anonymous said...

Complete Alek Wek moment, I love exotic. Nate Gill is fine for American Eagle. The one I dont get is Vincent.

Anonymous said...

JD- Arthur devalbray(brown leather jacket at raf simons) has been around for a while actually!he always walks jil sander and simons. also saw him at prada.

and alexandre is beeeeautiful