Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Visionaire/Calvin Klein

Omg..omg..omg. Last night Calvin Klein and Visionaire threw a party at the Standard Hotel to celebrate the release of Visionaire 56: Solar, and what a f-ing party! Holy shit! Not like "kiss-kiss" fashion party, like old-school, balls-to-the-wall throw-down! Visionaire style! (And C'mon, Hanne was there, you know it was wild!)

So...models, models, models...Francisco and Italo...Stephen, James and Cecilia...Gerard (no pictures please) Butler and (you ready for this?) Tyra-fuckin'-Banks y'all!! WHO, was so nice and cool in person and completely normal and down-to-earth. I had to keep stopping myself from turning to her and saying, "Two girls stand before me..."

Everyone was there! The place was non-stop energy! Liquor was flowing, free shades courtesy of Calvin, TONS of gorgeous faces...Doutzen, Garrett, Brad, Leandro (HOT-HOT), Edita, Tyson, Valentina, Danny Schwarz..the list goes on! Check over at V later this week for pics! I'm going back to bed.

Go to V for pics!


Unknown said...

everytime i see that mars red suit, i go crazy.
dope pics.

Anonymous said...

tyra looks so much better and younger without all that drag make-up and all that fake hair. she should stick to this look. gorge!

rudy said...

leandro looks amazing! it's a shame he hasn't been getting a lot of work lately. his jawline is fabulous.