Monday, June 1, 2009

What Up? Travis Hanson

I'm in love with Travis Hanson (I'm sure his girlfriend's gonna love that,) and not for all the reasons you may think. Of course he's great to look at and sexy as hell, but he's a really nice kid. I remember getting his polaroids a couple years back (and then of course noticed him in French Vogue with Lara Stone by Steven Klein) but it wasn't until shooting him last month for V that I realized how special he was.

We met up last week and nailed a dozen amazing shots in about 30 minutes. Total pro this kid and he knows exactly how to move in front of the camera. Which is always a treat. We wrapped up early and decided to knock out a "What Up?' over a bowl of noodles in the Lower Eastside, which, was basically me inhaling my food while Travis turned the tables and interviewed me.

He's extremely down to earth and very chill. Oh! And did I mention that he's sexy as hell?

So What Up Travis?

JD: Where you from Travis?
Travis Hanson: Wisconsin.
JD: How's that?
TH: Nothin' but trees, cows and lots of beer.
JD: You in the city now?
TH: Astoria, Queens.
JD: How long you been here?
TH: Almsot 2 yrs.
JD: And?
TH: I love NYC.
JD: So did you always wanna be a model?
TH: Never thought about being a model but it's a good option when you get to live out of a suitcase and see the world. But no, it's not something I set out to do.
JD: Well I think you're Major.
TH: (laughs) And I'm with Major.
JD: No really, I think I may be in love with you.
TH: That's what happens when you spend the afternoon shooting me in
JD: Well what are the chances of getting you to make out with me?
TH: Slim to none and here's your food. Looks like what everybody eats in Hong Kong.
JD: Were you there?
TH: For a job.
JD: What was it?
TH: Japanese GQ and Vogue China.
JD: How was it?
TH: Hong Kong or the job?
JD: Either, or both.

TH: Hong kong was amazing. I had a day off and went to Wei Chen mountain and saw the city at night. Las Vegas has nothing on Hong Kong.
JD: Really? Was it like Bladerunner?
TH: Totally.
JD: And the job?
TH: 16 hour flight, so 32 hrs to shoot in a studio.
JD: How has work been going? Things must've really taken off after your French Vogue came out, no?
TH: It definitely got my face out there and things are good, but it's like everything else with the economy right now.
JD: Ya.
TH: How often do you eat here?
JD: I don't. I used to live right there and a friend of mine lives there so for one winter this was our "too lazy to make food" hangover place.
TH: (laughs) So I guess it works right now as well.
JD: Ya, it's cheap and you can't go wrong with noodles. We're the only ones that got this place though, everyone else was always like "Dude! I would never eat at a place that has dead ducks hanging in the window!"
TH: Is this breakfast, lunch or dinner?
JD: Kinda all three.
TH: It's four o'clock, you seem really hungry.
JD: I know, look at me! I'm a beast. I need to slow down.
TH: Here gimme the BB, I'll interview you.

JD: Okay, but please don't ask me why I'm such a perv. I'm so bored with that question.
TH: (laughs) is funny though. If you were a straight guy shooting young girls in their undies and writing about how hot they were people would probably freak.
JD: I know right? That's fashion for ya I guess. Have you ever felt, I don't know...objectified?
TH: Never. But everyone I've worked with has been extremely professional and cool and my agent always has my back. I'm never put in bad situations.
JD: That's good. It wasn't the same for me when I was a model. I had bad experiences in Milan early on when I was younger and naive. I think that's why I'm so sensitive about people feeling comfortable. Besides you just spent the afternoon alone with me in your underwear, did you ever feel uncomfortable?
TH: Not at all. But you are a
JD: I'm just horny.
TH: Dude slow down! You're inhaling it.
JD: Okay I'm done. My turn. Gimme back the BB.
JD: So are you a Sex and the City fan?
TH: My girlfriend loves that show so I've seen a lot of it. I thought the movie sucked though.

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Ray Avito said...

Travis looks phenomenal as usual. That mug! I enjoyed the relaxed interview.

S said...

How could you not be a perv while takings snaps of an almost naked guy?

Anonymous said...

If you stop being a perv I will kill you:)

David from Brazil said...

So I'm not sure you saw that the Brazilian courts decided to return that boy to his American father. Whether that's the right decision or not, and I do believe it is, you're still obnoxious and arrogant to disrespect an entire country over it. Calling the Brazilian president retard and implying our courts are corrupt and unfair is just the thing a self-centered American ass would do, because obviously, no other place in the world can be as enlightened fair and pure as the mighty United States, right?. I pity your Brazilian friends, who are obviously willing to associate with a disrespectful xenophobe, probably because of your power/influence and because they don't know you too well. Shame on you.

Keri Anne said...

LOL !! I love David from Brazil !! Why would someone who has such a problem with you come to yoru blog?

Rachel said...

Travis, come to Brazil and marry me :-))