Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Party Pics Round 2

So I'm sure by now everyone's seen enough of my party pics, however, thanks to Danny Schwartz, Vincent Lacrocq and Greg Kessler, there's more!

Yes, mine is the story of the party photographer that threw a party and didn't get anyone to take pics. I did manage to snap a few shots at the beginning, however, quickly realized I would have no fun if I was responsible for the night.

Thankfully, Greg happened to have his point-and-shoot on him and was having so much fun, didn't mind snapping shots.

Danny, after two seconds of just holding my camera, was instantly bit by the "shutter" bug, and quickly decided he wanted to play photographer for the night.

And at the end of the night, just a few of us hangin' at the bar before heading out, Vincent decided to take a turn behind the lens. Which, was basically all of us playing with Patrick McMullan, who thank GOD came through at the end of the night and grabbed whoever was still around.

Okay here's a few I shot at the first part of the night. Kiko and I.

Sorry there's so many...I figured those guys deserved to see what they shot. Oh ya, Cat was there in spirit.


dave peterson said...

terrific & fantastic. fun all around

Anonymous said...

lol Love the last pic.

preppygoesrock said...

looks fun!
check out my blog

Anonymous said...

Hey You can see all the Pictures i took too at look for JD ferguson at the Gates it helps if you had the date. Great Party xxpatrick