Friday, June 19, 2009

Nicola and Gaga

I have to say of all the recent collaborations I've heard of, Nicola Formichetti and Lady Gaga takes the cake. They're like made for each other, no?


Anonymous said...


AM I one of the only people that DO NOT GET, LIKE, or have ANY INTEREST in that Gaga chick????

She is soooo wack and i am sick of hearing about her. NOthing is new or fresh with this trick at all.

Boring, lame, bad music, waaaaaay to over manufactured..why would you write about this lame ass hoe?

douglas said...

I love Nicola Formicettis' work !!

aktemples said...

I love her so much lately! Can't wait to see their V Magazine duo!


Anonymous said...

i agree with the first poster.

At least she's trying to be original, originally BAD ......... i want to put glue in my ears when i hear "poker face" ugggh. it's just getting stupid.

EJ said...

Lady Gaga is great. Anonymous posts are for pussies.

Anonymous said...

Im not so in to her music but I appreciate that she's original and is her doing her own thing. At least she's fresh and new:)