Friday, June 12, 2009

Fabulous Nobodies

I hit Pop Burger over on the Westside Tuesday night, for Julie Anne Quay's announcement and celebration of Colac Pictures and it's first project. The 80's classic, "Fabulous Nobodies." It was an absolute blast! Complete with break-dancers, good tunes and, I'm sorry, anyone who passes mini-burgers as hors d'oeuvres is alright in my book.

Author Lee Tulloch was on-hand to celebrate with Julie Anne, along with Candy Pratts-Price, Stephen Gan, Branna Wolf, Cecilia Dean, James Kaliardos (and mum) Dirk Standen, IMG's Ivan Bart, Pascal Dangin, Nicole Phelps, Italo Zuchheli, Greg Krelenstein, Ben Widdicombe, hair-god Christiaan, a room full of downtown kids along with a handful of cute Aussies, and many more! Pics to come over at V and congrats JAQ!

For more on Fabulous Nobodies check out their fan page!

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