Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Younger Than Jesus

OMG I've never seen so much frickin art in my life! Wall-to-wall, seven floors of it. Fun though, I loved it all, but I never do stuff like that, "art crowds" just aren't my thing. This was chill though and the place was packed with cute bearded guys from Bklyn (my favorite kind.) I tagged along with Dominic Sidhu, Christopher Bartley and Jakob Brown over to New Museum for "Younger Than Jesus," the first edition of their signature triennial "The Generational." Which features works from 50 artists from 25 countries.

I had a blast (even though Dom told me I dress like a retired figure-skater who was afraid of losing his title.) Terence Koh was there and was ever-so-patient with me while I tinkered around with the flash on my camera. (Yes it was fixed, but shit still ain't right.) It's definitely worth seeing so if you're in NYC between now and July 5th be sure to pop by and check it out! And click here for a few pics.

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