Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Stock Photography

Lemme educate you about a little thing called Stock Photography. And for those of you that already know what it is, just sit back and have a good laugh.

Stock Photography is when a photographer hires you as a model, for very little money, and then you sign over the rights to the images with the understanding that no matter where it runs, how big, or for how long, you are never entitled to any money. It's something you do when you're just starting out as a model and need experience in front of the camera. But it's generally not good to do a lot of it.

Of course none of the models I write about or who read this blog know what stock photography is, because they've never had to do it. It's more something a guy my age living in Miami fifteen years ago would do (and forget about) until one day a V staffer comes up to you and says "JD, did you know you're in a Sleepy's ad over on the corner of Broadway and Canal?" And then you're horrified.

So yes, if you walk down to the corner of Broadway and Canal and look to the Northeast corner, you will see a 20 something, blondish, ME, doing one of my first model gigs ever, wrestling around with a kid on a Sleepy's mattress. I think I got like $150 for it. The funny thing is, I've walked down that street a million times and never even realized it was me. Crazy.


Bonnie said...

But JD -- are you supposed to be that kid's dad? Older brother? Is it a home invasion? None of those scenarios would make me want to buy a mattress, no offense.

Anonymous said...

LOL ... Funny, I would never guess that was you though so you have no need to be horrified!

dee ha said...

u sure were one hot papa in that photo, 'daddy of the week' lol