Monday, April 6, 2009

Heads Up

So I'm having this conversation with Alana Zimmer and Heidi Mount last week about all this shit I'm hearing about how Facebook owns the rights to all the photos and content we upload to our pages and how they're able to use it however they want. And what do you know? New York Magazine's got a big piece on our exact conversation in this week's issue! I'd encourage anyone who is unaware (as I was) of exactly what Facebook is up to, to check it out.

The good news is, right now is a very crucial time for Facebook and we the users have more of a say in what they're going to be able to get away with than you might think. The bad news is, it takes everyone getting involved to make a difference.

It's easy. Just be sure to pay attention to any notices you get over the next few months about "voting" or Facebook's "Terms of Service" or anything like that. It won't take much to voice your opinion and as the results directly affect all of us, it's in our best interest to get involved.

If you're already privy and know you are against Facebook owning the rights to all your photos and content, then you can join the 147,997 other Facebookers and become a member of the People Against the new Terms of Service page and start making a difference now.

Crazy no? Did any of y'all know that Facebook owned the rights to your photos?


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Anonymous said...

I am scared of facebook..the owner did steal it after all..