Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Philippe Reynaud

I popped by Andrew Weir's the other day and who should I see but French hottie Philippe Reynaud himself (LOVE.) I don't know about you but, for me, there's nothing sexier than a hot French MAN (not boy, MAN.) Years ago we shared a few of the same agencies over in Europe and I think he looks better now than he ever did. He still models, but he's also got a photo studio down in Tribeca called L Gallery Studio. Yummm...hot French man. We likey.


Anonymous said...

he's such a cool guy, still has the sun burn!


Anonymous said...

Seeing him on your blog just made my day!x He is a real sweetie. Like talking to Olivier Martinez:)

Anonymous said...

looking sexy... he should cut his hair to really transition. a decade ago he was SO beautiful. now he can be HOT. :)

Anonymous said...


Josh said...

New feature of Philippe on CoverMen Mag!

Philippe is as wonderful as always