Friday, April 17, 2009

New Faces: Request Models

Request has got some great new faces. There's 19 year old Dainius from Lithuania.

Michael K, a 21 year old chef from Austin, Texas.

Dimitri who's 21 and from Brussels.

And the youngest of the bunch, 15 year old David H from Columbus, Ohio.


Anonymous said...

Dimitri is such a friggin hottie. Too bad I can't view his portfolio on Request! :(

Anonymous said...


MR style said...

dimitri at versace and david at gucci !! j'adore

Anonymous said...

michael "clark kent", is it? yummm. this boy should be in the movies! skip the modeling cycle and head straight to a casting agency.

Anonymous said...

wow Oscar must be on a prowl doing some scouting I see. Oscar Im not too far behind you!! LOL
love ya kid

m a u said...

he looks so good