Monday, March 30, 2009

Wooooo Magazine

If you haven't heard of Wooooo Magazine (five o's) don't feel bad, it's definitely a New York thing. Those "in the know" don't even know about it. Popular amongst the downtown-set (of the Editor sort) and smart-asses around the globe, Jason Crombie's candid and off-beat interviews not only keep his subjects on their toes, but allow complete freedom for those who are usually on the other side of the process.

I popped by the launch party Friday night (to mess-up Jason's hair and check out the shot I'd done of Christopher Bollen) and was pleasantly surprised to see, first, Aggy on the cover, followed by a room full of people I love. Aoife Wasser, Christopher Bartley, Jorge Garcia, Janice Yu, Jason Duzansky, KT Auleta and Sloan Laurits, William Van Meter, Grace Koo, Jessie Ashlock, Alexis Swerdloff and too many others to mention. Along with a handful of cute bearded intellectual types, who's names I never got.

For more on this pocket-sized-must-read go to (And please forgive the small amount of photos, I was having so much fun I couldn't be bothered to shoot.)

What's up Bitches!?!


Strath said...

boo-hooooo, i'm so sad i missed it. long live wooooo!

Unknown said...

pocket size too!