Monday, March 16, 2009


Here we go again. Yet another upgrade in our (already complicated) virtual lives. Having learned my lesson with the whole "I'll never join Facebook" comment, I'm gonna hold off on slamming it just yet, but HELLO?!? Twitter?!? WTF? Are we so plugged in to the web that we now require up-to-minute updates on what's going on?

I'd say if anything came from our recent four weeks of fashion coverage, it's Twitter. EVERYONE's doing it, from COACD to The New York Times. For the most part I've avoided it, simply because there's no-one's every move I'm that interested in. So imagine my horror when it reared it's ugly head on Facebook last week.

If you weren't in Paris being fabulous, you surely noticed the explosion that took place on the web with Facebook's new re-design. Amazing what a simple change to our interface can do to some people.

Samantha Ronson writes "Why is facebook trying to be twitter? I wanna tell Facebook "you're better than that, you don't have to do this!" Where Julia Frakes apologizes for the "constant status updates which read like Twitter," yet continues to indulge. Mixed with "I dig the real time!" and "Take that Twitter!", it would appear not everyone is in resistance. Except for Marcus Hedbrandh who, like me, asks "What the hell facebook? Seriously."

Konstantin Konstantin offers up this interesting little tid-bit of info:

facebook is not as safe as people think - the reason is technical but this is why. the apps people add to their facebook page are downloaded from other companies computers and facebook doesn't keep track of them to see if those companies apps have viruses. that's why recently people on facebook got infected with viruses. on myspace all the apps are on the myspace companies computers and they can check the apps for viruses and security also facebook tried to buy twitter before and twitter didn't want to sell so that may explain some things"

Interesting, no?
I'd say I've either gotten a bad bag or I'm spending way too much time online.


Anonymous said...

Does someone like you even get bad bags?

Matt said...



Anonymous said...

can anyone explain to me why people have their facebook account deleted?

Anonymous said...

JD in a few months if not weeks you'll be on Twitter too. Sartorialist is on it. All the coverage of fashion week (NY, Milan, and Paris) were all over Twitter. Respectable journalists in and out of the fashion industry are using it. Embrace the new technology.

the order of ash said...

I don't get it either. Really, 2009?

Anonymous said...

i think it sucks. people spend so much time writing about what they are thinking/doing that they take no time to really listen and see while they do anymore. it's all me me me. our bubbles keep getting smaller and more insular. doesn't bode well for our future as a whole...