Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Max and Suzanne

I shot model Suzanne Diaz for three seasons under the assumption she was Venezuelan. Mistaking her shy demure personality for a language barrier, I was blown away to learn she was actually a ballerina from Southampton! (Could I have been more off?) She and her boyfriend Max have started a clothing line and after flicking through the lookbook, I'd say her roots could not be more apparent.

Designing timeless and classic dress-wear, the line is more about quality of production, fit (with an emphasis on material) and less about passing trends. The brand was created from the idea of the "perfect dress shirt for men," and has evolved to fitted women's shirts, shirt dresses, tank dresses, and bibbed unisex shirts. I love an old school preppy line and if the quality is good that's even better yet!

And I love Suzanne Diaz! Congrats Guys!

Max and Suzanne.

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