Thursday, March 26, 2009

Here's a fun new site for you! It's called Modelinia and they have tons of great content. They've just completed a soft launch and will be upgrading the site's navigation soon, but the site runs the gamut on all things "model." From Ali Stephens's closet to this UBER camp action-series that stars Heidi Klum as a superhero with Coco as her sidekick.

Click the image for full-screen video and be sure to check out the site.


Brynmore Maxemillion said...

hahahaha...The Kluminator is AWESOME...Love Modelinia, after your bog, LD, it's my new favourite site...thx for writing about it...B xx

hero in chiq said...

nice, i posted on my blog too, with ya text, hope itz ok =)