Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Major movement last week in the ongoing case of David Goldman -vs- the Brazilian Government. For those of you who don't know, he's the father from Jersey who's ex-wife fled the country (taking their son with her) to her Brazilian homeland and then died, leaving a nasty custody battle between he and the boy's new (powerful and legally connected) stepfather.

He has been continuing his fight for his sons return (with much resistance from Brazil) and though I just read in The Post over the weekend that Obama brought up the subject in talks with Brazil's President Luiz Inacio (shit for brains) Lula da Silva, Obama was told "the decision would be left to the courts."

So why am I writing about this?? Because I think it's a travesty and I still cannot believe this guy has not gotten his son back yet! And I think it's incomprehensible that Obama would accept that as a response. AND because you and I can actually take 3 minutes and do something about it. It's simple. Go to and sign a petition that, along with much public support, may actually help in the boy's return.

The whole thing is disgusting and after many failed attempts, the step-father (who's father is a powerful judge), has refused to comply with this investigation and the Brazilian government has done nothing but let him get away with it.

Sergio Tostes
, who is the acting attorney on behalf of the stepfather, said in Sunday's Post "The Americans are overstepping their bounds, and this is going to be very embarrassing for the United States." Really Sergio Tostes?? You think this is embarrassing for the United States?? So if a Brazilian citizen fled to the U.S. with her son and then died, and the child's natural father fought for his return, that would be embarrassing for Brazil?? Really you moron?!?

If you're as outraged by this as I, and so many others seem to be, then click here and watch the video to learn more.


David from Brazil said...

How dare you presume to understand the case so well that you're willing to criticize a nation, its president and its courts over a custody battle? It is a legal dispute, which is to be settled by the courts, not by you or me. I don't know about what happens in your country, JD, but in mine, the executive and the judiciary are separate branches, and the government does not order judges what to do. And by the way, it's a complicated case, but do you know WHY the American father wants the boy back now? Why didn't he do something earlier? Pretty simple, my dear JD - the boy is the heir to a sizeable sum of money. That's just one thing you don't know. Really, I have no expectation you'll authorize this comment.

David from Brazil said...

Some additional facts for you. The father has never worked, and lived off the mother. He visited Brazil many times, but never visited his son. Why? Because if he did, the "kidnapping" would become a custody battle, as clearly the boy was free to come and go. In fact, he was NOT prohibited or hindered from visiting his son at all, but he never did. Did he really miss him and love him so much? I don't think so. Lastly, in cases like this, the important thing is how the CHILD feels, and what's best for him. And you know what's best? Staying with his grandparents and people who love him, who care about him, in the place he likes to be, and not going back to some deadbeat father who wants him for MONEY. Disgusting.

David from Brazil said...

I'm leaving now, won't return to your blog, but let me ask you something JD. Did you do ANYTHING, ANYTHING AT ALL, to try to learn more from the case from any source that isn't connected to his father? Did you try to read ANYTHING at all from "the other side"? Or do you judge based on your own prejudices and the biased account of the deadbeat and the people he conned? You disgust me. Shit-for brains, moron are all applicable to the assholes who don't go through the trouble of getting the facts. Why bother? It's not like reality will change the way the asshole views the world. For all the talk of hating Bush, you're JUST LIKE HIM.

Anonymous said...

As a Brazilian [In NYC] I'm disgusted about this whole situation. The kid should be back in the U.S with his Father. I watched him on Larry King & the Brazilian families spokesperson was a complete & utter moron - he was just awful. What's more ridiculous is the Stepfather - does he have zero morals? Any normal person would surely realize that the whole situation is absurd & that the kid deserves to be back in the U.S.

Denise said...

David from Brazil - you are an uninformed idiot. I have known David for many years and was his agent at one time. He was a well known working model, as well as holding other jobs. It was "HER" choice to work, just as it was "HIS" choice to pick and choose his bookings in order to spend more time with Sean.

I have watched all of the TV Coverage as well as knowing David, he loves his son and he will not give up.

Bottom line - she kidnapped Sean, she's gone, David is the only biological parent, the child SHOULD and MUST be returned to the United States.


"Deadbeat Dad" is a desperate and predictable attempt at slander. The boy is 8 1/2 now, he was 4 yrs old when he was taken and in that time David has traveled to Brazil 8 times, attending every court ruling and proceeding in regards to his case. All evidence prior to his leaving the country shows he was a doting and loving father, so when is it that he was supposedly being a "Deadbeat Dad?"

None of your facts are even accurate. At NO time has the boy ever been free to leave the country to see his father and numerous attempts at visitation have been unsuccessful EVEN while arranged by the Brazilian Embassy. Who believe the boy should be returned to his natural father. As do the judges who, in the past, have stated publicly the boy was unlawfully taken and is wrongfully being kept.

Under the principles of the Hague convention, which neither of your precious judiciary OR executive branches of government have honored, the child should have been returned to his natural parent within 6 wks, THAT is the law, both International and Brazilian.

And why is the family remaining silent? If David is such a horrible father why don't they simply comply with the law and move the case forward and state these claims in hopes of providing him a better home and life?

Like you, I am entitled to my opinion in this matter and having worked with David, back in the day as a model, I feel his character speaks louder than what I read in the Brazilian press.

How dare you presume to know the motives of someone you've never even met as to why they would want their child back. Or question a father's love for his son. All of your ranting and accusations have no validity, it's all hearsay.

So yes, "David From Brazil," please do stay the hell away from my blog. You sound like a real idiot.


Anonymous said...

Brazilians aren't going to be aware of the facts due to the Brazilian media being silent about the whole case (Perhaps it's different now but that was the case).

There is a charity over in the UK that was set up by a Mother who's kids were taken to Saudi Arabia by their wealthy Father. She eventually got them back & she set up a charity to help parents in similar situations. I saw the documentary ages ago so can't remember all the facts but she travels to specific countries to try & get kids back to the UK. If I remember correctly she has a ridiculous success rate of 90% or thereabouts ... & the countries she traveled to seemed to be mostly in the Middle East, Pakistan etc... the irony being they're not democratic, western nations like Brazil.

Anonymous said...

This is Elian Gonzalez all over again..

Doug Ordway said...

My Comment is for David from Brazil:
Do you know this man personally? Can you judge his character as a human being when you have not even met the man?? Are you judging everything by what you hear from the media in Brazil?? WELL GET OVER IT!!
I know the man personally and know his GOOD character and what a good man he is!
How dare you judge him without even knowing him. I suggest you check your facts and don't believe "the stories" that the media is creating to sell newspapers!

Matt Acebo said...

I love the way the guy chews you out for not knowing the facts and then doesnt know what the hell hes talking
Okay so maybe you shouldnt have called his president shit for brains or the spokesman a moron but sorry david from brazil the facts are the facts. You dont seem to know what the hell your talking about...haha Great Blog:)

Anonymous said...

this story is so digusting it doesnt make any sense how david is being treated. There are fathers that live 20 minutes away from their sons or other children and still does not gives a damn. The boy needs to be with his father the mother has passed away so he should be able to return to the U.S with his father no other family members should have any parts of this becuase he still have one living parent.The step fater should no be able to change anything he is not brazilian born this is totally unfair to the boy especailly becuase all this time the boy has been brained washed by the stepfather or course. this really hits home for me because i have a close friend who oldest son was taken to bermuda just because the my friend and the mothers relationship didnt work out this now why alot of men do not trust women or do not want to have families ans persue anything serious with women because of situations like this. I hope between the presidents something can be decided at least to give some closure to david instead of giving him the run around.