Monday, March 9, 2009

Anna Sui FW 09

At first I didn't know whether to call this post "Anna Sui FW 09" or "Pat McGrath," since the make-up, for me, had such an impact on the show. The girls looked and felt gorgeous! Usually when I edit film there's like..a good okay one...and then, hopefully, a great one. However, going over the pics that night I couldn't figure out why, consecutively, I had one great shot after another for each girl.

It certainly wasn't the lighting, or anything I had done. So it had to be the make-up. It was the one common denominator throughout the shots and the girls seemed to respond to Pat's magical touch. For now, here's a few from the edit, but I'll plan on doing some outtakes down the road. They all looked amazing!


Anonymous said...

there is a reason why pat is the best dear:)

Zola Jones by Jason Loper said...

the way he opens up their eyes and contours their their cheeks is genius!

Anonymous said...

Jordan looks gorgeous!x