Thursday, February 19, 2009

Zegna FW 09

Zegna was a blast! And FYI- the funnest shows to shoot (girls or boys) are when there's a lot of time to hangout before the madness ensues. Which is usually the bigger shows where the models call times can be hours ahead of the show. Andrew Weir does an amazing job with the casting and I finally got to meet Vlad's brother Andrey who I've covered, but never met.

With over 50 models cast, Zegna offered a wide variety to choose from. With everyone from Thiago and Sean O'pry to Cole Mohr and Cesar Casier. Who I shot at Dior Homme last summer and LOVE! And even a guest appearance by my boy Simon Nessman, before rushing to catch a flight to LA. I had a hell of a time with the lighting backstage, so unfortunately my pics are all crap. So just know guys, if you didn't make the cut, it's my photography not you. You all looked great.

The funnest moment for me, however, (and I love when this happens) is when the models (girls as well) get star struck. "JD will you take a picture of me with Tyrese?" (Who is now represented by New York Models.) It always cracks me up and even some of the coolest cats joined in for a photo-op while the paps went crazy.

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Anonymous said...

I love your models pics ! Wish they were bigger though.