Monday, February 16, 2009


LOVE LOVE LOVE Y-3! Love the clothes, love the food, love shooting it and most of all Pat and Eugene are there which always makes for a lively backstage. This year we had Mila, Veronica Webb and Kanye West (though I still can't figure out what he has to do with fashion.) And a whole slew of hip-hopsters whose names I'll never know.

Naty was there, who I love, and I spent a good part of the time backstage doing little "mini" fashion shoots with her. Stas joined in for a whole series of shots and the two of them are so hysterical together so I'm gonna wait and post those separately. The highlight however was Sasha (who was in rare form) running around with these crazy-ass glasses.

Andrew Weir did a great job with the casting. New face Jakob Hybholt (top) from Denmark, who mark my words is gonna kill it. And one of my favorite faces from Gucci last summer Jonas Kesseler who I think has such a great look.


Anonymous said...

Nils has the BEST cheekbones.

Zakuro said...

Sporty-chic as usual!

But, I can't say anything about the glasses Sasha P wears;(

Anonymous said...

thats a pic of Jonas, not Jakob

Anonymous said...

I know what you meant JD. Jakob that has(top)next to his name is at the top of your post. Jonas is is who you're referring to at the end and he's in the bottom photo. It's pretty obvious what you meant. Great photos by the way.