Saturday, February 21, 2009

VMAN Ice Skating

So I shot the VMAN ice-skating party over at Chelsea Piers the other night. Either you saw for yourself, or perhaps you've heard, or maybe you're completely un-aware, but ya, I basically bit it and smashed my camera. Ugh. It's salvageable. Unlike the bruise on my hip or the bump on my head.

For pics and the full story go to And for a fun video, courtesy of Douglas from COACDTV click below.

COACDTV: Vman/Ford Men Ice Skating Party from COACD on Vimeo.


EJ said...

sounds like an awesome party! I figure skate internationally so I would have loved to have been there. SO jealous! sorry about your camera, JD!

kevin said...

Who won? The guy on the left is gorgeous but it looks like th one on the right would be the model.Where can i see the winners?

Anonymous said... I guess..

Anonymous said...

That contest is so rigged! If YSL were sponsoring it as opposed to Calvin Klein the model on the right would have won. I don't get the "tie" between the two winners?? The won in the middle should not have even made it to the finals.