Friday, February 13, 2009

Mikus and Vlad

With my man Victor Glemaud showing right down the street from Rag and Bone, I decided to pop by and check out he and Camilla Staerk's presentation on the rooftop over at Milk. I wasn't there 5 minutes and Mikus and Vlad (THE Vlad) decided to get crazy with the camera.

They shot ten minutes of wild footage, which was basically the two of them running around trying to get away with as much as they possibly could. And always coming up against a female staffer who always gave in to their charm. It was hysterical to watch.

But, of course, what would my fashion week be without some sort of technological drama? (I swear I'm jinxed.) The little "crappy point-and-shoot?" The one I just said the other day had become "handy?" Well, it's not letting me upload videos now. Not all videos, just the ones it decides to give me.

Ugh! Always something, no?


Caroline said...

Ah, Vlad is a cutie! More pics of him pls.

Sohyle said...

You guys are soo CUTE!

btw JD i saw u on MDC!

looking cute! and happy v day!

MR style said...

vlad is a bomb

Olivia said...

i know it's late, but pls show us some more! this is hilarious