Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Phillip Lim FW 09

Phillip Lim was wild! I don't know if it was Tanya D, Naty, Matvey and Bastiaan, or Lissy Trullie and her band (who totally rocked it out during the show,) but it was a total blast! I got there and immediately passed the camera to Naty, who passed it off to Matvey, before handing it back to me. I have so much video from this show I'm surprised I've got any pics at all.

Of course it's always great catching up with Phillip and I was shocked to hear it wasn't Lissy who had inspired the look, but rather Supreme newcomer Tao Okamoto (who of course I never grabbed a shot of.) Which is a testament to how much fun I was having backstage.

In fact, so much fun I didn't even get a chance to catch up with two of my favorite boys. So shout-out's to DNA's Niels Raabe and Jason Wilder from NY Models. And BIG UP's to Phillip on a great show!

Lissy Trullie

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DoMo said...

I love the hair/mu @ phillip lim