Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Pancake Party

The funnest thing I did all week was pop by Ieke's for a Pancake party. (Second annual actually.) It was just what the doctor ordered after a full day of shows and an empty stomach. I always love seeing her and I finally got to hear about her show in Berlin.

It was such a chill night and the place was filled with people I love. Kim Noorda, Sonny Vandevelde, Jonas Kesseler, Matthew Hitt, David and Georgia, and Eliza Cummings, who I fell head-over-heels in love with. And is far more British and proper than I ever would've imagined. Such a fun night. Thanks Ieke! Click here for Sonny's pics!


Anonymous said...

Absolutely JD. When Eliza first appeared she was with Ash and had this "Syd and Nancy" thing happening...she's far less Courtney Love than people think.Its no shock to me you two would find each other at a party. She's a sweet girl and so are you..hahah

Anonymous said...

Having watched the video I'm kinda surprised that she's 'british & proper' ... though what does that really mean ... All the wildest people I know [many!] are either British or Dutch! Definitely something in the water in those 2 countries!

Cillian said...

So so cute. <3 Ieke.

/Male Mode.