Thursday, February 19, 2009

Marc Jacobs Show

Okay, so here's my Marc Jacobs video drama. After wrapping up backstage I was told I could shoot in the pit if I wanted and since my ride was watching the show I figured I might as well stay and join in., video-ed, a cramp in my some more. And then after much struggle finally got the video uploaded on to YouTube.

Only to log on the next day and find that it had been removed due to "violation of terms and agreement." What?!? Was Marc sitting in his hotel on YouTube having footage banned from the net?

So I asked around yesterday backstage and apparently you can not upload a "full-show" of anything. Not Friends, not Letterman, nothing. So, as this video is too long and I'm rushing to the tents , here's a (very raw) glimpse for all you Marc Jacobs junkie's out there in the world who just wanna get an idea of what the show looked like.

I can, however, tell you that the show was very mellow and low-key. NO celebs (which I loved) and the whole atmosphere was very relaxed and subdued. It was a nice change and I loved it.

OH! And P.S. I have a YouTube page now where you can see all the vids from this week in one spot.

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Anonymous said...

do you have video of lara closing up that bitch?