Friday, February 20, 2009

Marc Jacobs FW 09

So I have minimal photos from Marc's show, as I was having so much fun with my video cam, I couldn't be bothered to shoot alot of pics. As usual, backstage was a blast (minus the strictly enforced non-smoking policy.) However Lara Stone and I managed to make it work. Played with Hannelore and Natasha V, who I ended up passing the camera off to. You'll see that later.

Mostly I just cruised around, caught up with anyone I hadn't seen, video-ed and shot the girls chillin out. Guido was far too busy to play so I hung with Bryanboy who had not even begun to process that he was backstage at Marc Jacobs. It was like Mecca. I had to pinch myself everytime I saw him cause I still just could not believe he made it to New York.

Raquel was there! So I caught up with her for a bit and then decided to hit the front house where the mood was so calm and relaxed. I did manage to grab a couple people before moving to the pit but mostly from this show I've got video.

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Anonymous said...

Team Vogue doesn't look too chipper. Note Anna w/Bee and Andre.