Thursday, February 26, 2009

Backstage Derek Lam

So here's a firsthand look at what it's like being backstage just before a show starts. And a quiet cooperative one at that. James Scully (who is in charge of this show) appreciates and respects the job of the photographer and lets them do what they're there to do. For this reason, this show is always a joy to shoot.

Here you have seasoned photographer's Robert Fairer of Vogue,'s Greg Kessler, Jason Lloyd Evans,
James Cochrane from the UK, Matt Lever and a handful of others. All working in tandem to get their shots.

And if you look real close you can see my favorite backstage crush. Giovanni Bianco. I've been tryin' to get him to make-out with me for two seasons and he won't do it. I'm hoping by next Fall he'll give in.


Anonymous said...

Your videos are incredible. Great blog:)

Anonymous said...

you're no jeremy kost that's for sure.... sweat him much?


Sweat him? Why would I sweat him? He's my friend.

Jas said...

more importantly-

why would you respond to such an ignorant comment?


Keri Anne said...

I agree..anonymous comments are L-A-M-E.

sonny said...

re your crush