Sunday, February 15, 2009

Alexander Wang

OMG Alexander Wang was off the hook! Being bound to advertisers, I've never been able to cover his show. So last-night was officially my first. SO much fun. The music, the clothes, the Hooters girls serving BBQ chicken wings. I fucking loved it!

And such a great casting! Catherine, Anja, Natasha and Freja mixed with Karlie, Hanne and Anna Seleneva. Along with Hannelore (who I love), Christina Kruse, Trish Goff and my girl Natasha V. Lily (who's always down for some good tunes) had me in stiches rockin' out to Guns and Rose's. Only problem was I was having so much fun watching her I didn't get my lens cap off til the end of her set.

Anna popped backstage and amidst all the black tights, tube-tops, fuck-me pumps and fur, a couple of us tried to imagine her in the clothes. Only, them being straight, and me visualizing from a more editorial stand point, they unfortunately took me to a place I didn't want to go. So after throwing up just a little bit in my mouth, I decided to hit up the Hooter's girls for more wings and hit the road.

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(plus the free tequila shots)