Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Contributing Editor

Recently, a friend of mine (a rather smart one) said to me that he thought someone should do an online magazine. Of course we've all heard that getting our fashion fix online would be a way of the future, but how could it actually be done?

How could you get original and relevant content shot just for the web? AND, more importantly, how would you get people to log on? Well, Editor-in-Chief Matthew Edelstein and Creative Director Ryan Schmidt have found a way.

Contributing Editor offers a visual platform for collaborations between some of today's freshest young photographers, stylists, models, artists and musicians. A new perspective that will have you logging on from the comfort of your own home as opposed to running to the newsstand for the latest issue.

And if you're like me, tired of seeing the same editorials shot by the same photographers, you'll be just as excited by this new cutting-edge take on men's fashion. Well done guys! I think it's genius!


martinkorben said...

then you may not have hard of depesha yet --

drop a line to stephan, the editor, and tell him i said hi.


Unknown said...

I have been checking it out for a long time now. I absolutely love it.

Anonymous said...

Very cool thank you for showing this site. Maybe there will be more to follow?