Thursday, November 13, 2008


For those of you who live in bum-fuck (Bryanboy) or just cannot get V in your neck of the woods, you can now view the entire issue online using V-Digital. Just send an email to for a free subscription. And tell all your friends!

In fact, whoever gets the most friends on-board wins an all-expense paid trip to a remote island with Beyonce on her private jet. Music and entertainment will be provided by the diva (and V cover-girl) herself, while Jay-Z sits in the back rolling blunt after blunt all the way down to the couples private island where you will sip champagne on the beach while beautiful well-endowed naked men massage you all over.

NOT!! Ahhhh-Haaaaa!! Gotcha! Anyways, tell all your friends, V's gone digital!


kiko said...


crazy bitch!

thanks so much JD!!!

aaalisson said...

"For those of you who live in bum-fuck (Bryanboy)"

the best line EVER!!!
third world fag, gotta love him!

Anonymous said...

LOL !!