Monday, November 17, 2008


I shot PIN-UP's launch party uptown last week. And though I know nothing about the world of architecure, I got to see a lot of fun people I hadn't seen in awhile. KT, Sloan, Armand, Benajmin Liu, The Brian's (Molloy and Phillips), Felix, James Valeri, Jay, Jorge, and this cute French guy called Alex. It was a very chill party.

The highlight was this guy Peter Marino who's apparently a big art director or designs stores or something. He was very cool and the sharpest looking guy in the room.

Look for a slideshow over at V today or tomorrow.


XicodeCadoro said...

he's actually a huge Decorator/Architect...think Louis Vuitton flagship store in Paris and all its little children around the world...ditto for Chanel, ditto for Dior...this guy actually has a wife...of the female kind that is...yeah right...wahahahahaha! but hey whatever rocks his boat is fine by me...(best friend of mine works for him)

btway love your blog, I often find great "inspiration" from it for my own blog, so thanks a lot and kisses from Xico

Anonymous said...

He was a really big deal designer and architect back in the 90s. Always all over Vanity Fair. Did (and I guess still does) a lot of the biggest name fashion stores. (I recognize his name from reading about designers using him to design their stores.)

Anonymous said...

Im still looking for the Calvin Klein presentation at V Why do you link to them? JD just put them on your own blog

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