Thursday, November 27, 2008

Gobble Gobble

Now don't go thinkin cuz I was raggin' on Sarah Palin's twat the other day, and now here I am doing another post (Thanksgiving day no doubt) that I've got some big ax to grind or something. I just figured since this day is all about what we're suppose to be thankful for I'd give thanks for Obama winning the election A) and B) keeping this crazy loon away from the White House.

Now watch this clip of the real Sarah Palin as she "hurdy-gurdy's" on while a live-bird gets shoved down a grinder, headfirst, just over her shoulder. (You almost can't tell which is the real her.) I'd like to also give thanks to the Republicans for putting her on their ticket! Thanks guys!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! See you next week!

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tara said...

Happy Thanksgiving JD!