Monday, November 24, 2008

Crazy Shit

So here's a post for you about a bunch of stuff I never thought I'd be writing about. Accept that last week there seemed to be so much crazy shit going on I just couldn't resist.

Like did you ever think you'd be seeing a photo of Prince William's penis?!? Add that to the list of things I never thought about, that actually happened. I felt so bad for him when I saw it, I guess it just goes to show the depths the paparazzi and tabloids will sink to make money. Poor guy, can't even take a piss in private.

Gucci Designer Frida Giannini made a big splash in New York last week hosting a dinner for Unicef. However, surprisingly (or not) it was Madonna in Louis Vuitton that stole the show. Not such a newsworthy item if it weren't so calculated. I guess the days of the "British Lady" act are over and we've got our old Madonna back.

Suri Cruise (who's face I never thought would appear on this blog) was named "Most Influential Baby of the Year" by (are you ready for this?) Forbes Magazine! I guess my only question is "What the hell's going on over at Forbes that they're reporting on the "Hottest Tots of Hollywood?"

And last but not least, The Clinton's. Good ole Bill and Hillary. Who are looking more and more like the same person each day. As if Obama being elected President wasn't unprecedented enough, Hillary's potential appointment as Secretary of State and what that means for our popular ex-President are the craziest sign of these uncharted times I've seen yet.

Which brings me to Lady Bunny. Yes Lady Bunny. Nothing like a good joke to bring you down to reality and when I heard her quip about Sarah Palin last week, I died. So, "What's the difference between Sarah Palin's mouth and her twat?"

"Nothing stupid ever came out of her twat!"

Good ole Lady Bunny!


Anonymous said...

JD- You are naive if you think Hillary will not be serving her own agenda while representing the United States.

Yes it sounds like a good idea in theory but the Clintons are no angels:)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Has the Prince William picture appeared in any magazines? Prince Charles was pictured [somehow?] years ago & everyone was shocked at how well endowed he was!

Anonymous said...

let's rearrange that:

"even her do-nothing twat is too stupid to cum"

did anyone see her being interviewed about pardoning a turkey for t-day--meanwhile some guy is slaughtering a turkey behind her--what a moron

Anonymous said...

Did Forbes tell us how Suri influenced us?

As for nothing stupid coming out of Palin's twat... those kids aren't exactly Harvard material JD.

underneath said...

I must admit that I got quite excited about the Peeing Royal Willy:)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Sombodys been watching too much television