Tuesday, October 21, 2008

What Up? Phillip Lim

Phillip Lim has come out of nowhere! Well, actually somewhere. There was winning the CFDA award in '07, followed by a succession of successful collections and then store openings in New York, Tokyo and LA. He has become the "Go-To" designer for chic, affordable fashion and people love him as much as they do the clothes he designs.

I often spend Sunday nights BBM-ing with friends (and yes my BBM name is Fergie Baby) and this weekend was no exception. I touched base with Phillip late one night for a quick catch-up on everything from laundry to dogs, as well as a little personal insight into the man behind 3.1 Phillip Lim.

So What Up Phillip?
Fergie Baby: GGGG-girl!
Phillip: Wad- up JD!
Fergie Baby: Hey sucka!
Fergie Baby: Chillin...watchin Little Britain..u?
Phillip: Yea- same - doing laundry - flipping back and forth between CNN and 'house hunters' on HGTV !!! Boring huh???
Fergie Baby: So ur in for the night?
Phillip: Yup-
Fergie Baby: How was ur weekend? Wha'd u do?
Phillip: Weekend was good - did some gardening. And looking after my pup - whom is a bit under the weather - he contracted a virus. From dogs at washington square park -
Fergie Baby: Ew..
Fergie Baby: What kind?
Phillip: Its called Giardia - it is spread thru contaminated water - (water bowl at the dog park). It is a parasite that causes severe diarrhea. Or if untreated- death
Fergie Baby: Ugh
Fergie Baby: No way
Fergie Baby: Is it going around?
Fergie Baby: Like do other dogs have it?
Fergie Baby: What is he?
Phillip: Yes! he is the cutest french bulldog named oliver - he just turned 3
Fergie Baby: Fun! I've had a lot of friends who've had those...they're a fun breed
Phillip: Yeah - they are the best -
Fergie Baby: Does he come to work with u?
Phillip: He comes on fridays- our office is a daycare for dogs- everyones' dogs comes on friday - for playdates -
Fergie Baby: That's cool

Fergie Baby: Omg philip!
Fergie Baby: Have u seen little britain?
Fergie Baby: Its hysterical
Fergie Baby: I'm watching the one w/ rosie odonnell
Phillip: No I havent- is it on tv now?
Fergie Baby: I "hbo in demand-ed" it
Fergie Baby: Its a riot
Phillip: I've gotta check it out- I'm watching a documentary on runaways-
Fergie Baby: What's been happening w/ u? Have u been out?
Phillip: Just LOTS of work - I've been laying low on the fashion-circuit -thing - just can be too much
Fergie Baby: I know...exhausting right?
Fergie Baby: You've been opening more stores, ya?
Phillip: Yes- we now have 3 - nyc, tokyo, and LA
Fergie Baby: And which was first?
Phillip: NYC - home base was first
Fergie Baby: How r they doing? I remember I shot ur soho opening and I thought the space was so great.
Fergie Baby: R they all like that?

Phillip: They are doing well - they are all different - I think of them as a journey - each one is different due to the experiences that I have had. - so it is like a "diary" - sorta speak
Fergie Baby: Ya I bet...like the fruits of ur labor
Phillip: With others in works at the moment - I've been really getting into architecture because of the store projects
Fergie Baby: Like with ur design or as a hobbie or taking on projects?
Fergie Baby: Well obviously ur collection was very architectural
Fergie Baby: I loved it
Fergie Baby: And eddies jewelry added the perfect accent
Fergie Baby: Ur jewelry is always amazing
Phillip: Awe thanks -fergie! Yeah eddie and all the jewelry designers we have collaborated with are all very special -it's an honor to work and collaborate with so many amazing people - its like choosing what color jelly-bellys to eat - cuz they all taste good!
Fergie Baby: Well was jewelry always important to u? It seems to be a special part of ur line
Fergie Baby: Like do u seek these peoples work out?
Fergie Baby: Or r u just selecting from what u love?
Phillip: Yes - jewelry , accessories, shoes, hair - its all important - as they say 'the whole is only as good as the sum of its parts' - yes we seek our collaborators out depending on what we are looking for - and the chemistry they bring for the present collection
Phillip: All the jewelry we use is exclusive to our collection since it is a true collaboration from inception to conception
Fergie Baby: I see
Fergie Baby: And of course I love me a phillip lim casting
Fergie Baby: What's that process like?
Phillip: The theme to our casting is always the song by queen latifah- U.N.I.T.Y!
Fergie Baby: I love it

Phillip: They are "classic with a sense of madness!"
Fergie Baby: And always with a bit of sophistication
Phillip: I think to just fabricate one look is unrealistic and depriving yourself and others of what the world has - there is beauty all around - white, black, brown, yellow. And pink!
Fergie Baby: Pink fer sure...It was all so soft and pretty
Phillip: Thank you! You are always so kind and cool with us - you know I love your site - its the first thing I go to in the mornings!
Fergie Baby: No!
Fergie Baby: I think that is so crazy!
Phillip: Yes! Its true
Fergie Baby: I think I forget sometimes that people r actually reading what I write. It can be tricky like that.
Fergie Baby: I guess you can tell when it's late...and i've been smoking!
Fergie Baby: Do I just babble on?
Phillip: Well you are honest and speak your mind - so you have nothing to worry about
Fergie Baby: That's sorta what I try to keep in mind
Fergie Baby: My gay friends all say "stop doing fashion!"
Fergie Baby: "Only do boys!"
Fergie Baby: And my fashion friends all say "its too gay!"
Fergie Baby: So I'm damned either way
Phillip: Lol- fashion is so fun though- it adds a certain panache - i love the contrast of the two
Fergie Baby: I guess its not a complicated thing...at the end of the day its my life..so its lots of different things
Phillip: Exactly - I say do as you feel - maybe today fashion - tomorrow art, next day photography - but always BOYS
Fergie Baby: Yes!
Fergie Baby: Speaking of...I had some over today
Phillip: Lol -
Fergie Baby: The light was so beautiful and I got really nice shots
Fergie Baby: So its been a chill relaxing day with movies and take-out
Phillip: Lol - do you have some over everyday? How does it work - do agents just send them over?
Fergie Baby: Well I'm friends with so many of them so they're just a text away
Fergie Baby: And they're always up for hangin and taken photos
Fergie Baby: So its really just a hangout and pizza with a little intention behind the light and "styling"
Fergie Baby: Which is usually 2 or 3 whatevers I've told them to bring w/ a couple things of mine
Phillip: You have a good job! If we call it that!
Fergie Baby: Hey I wanna ask u!
Fergie Baby: Juliette lewis!
Fergie Baby: L-O-V-E her!
Phillip: Yes. I'm obsessed with her
Phillip: She is sooooooo ridiculously amazing
Fergie Baby: She was w/ irina at the show and then I shot her at Zac
Phillip: I've been dressing her lately for all her gigs
Fergie Baby: She loves ur stuff huh?
Phillip: Yea - we are insync. About her new look -
Fergie Baby: I think she's so MAJ
Phillip: I've always been a fan - and usually am never star struck - but something about her - inspires me
Phillip: Girls like juliette and irina both
Phillip: On so many levels
Fergie Baby: So would u say she's officially ur 2nd muse?
Phillip: Well you have obvious 'fashion girls'. Then you have girls like juliette and irina - they take it to a different level - they show nothing yet bare it all - it's their essence- I wouldn't say 1st or 2nd - its more about kindred spirits and what they are about
Fergie Baby: So whatre u doin now?
Phillip: Folding laundry - (:
Fergie Baby: Hey I pay-perview-ed The Compass
Fergie Baby: With nicole kidman?
Fergie Baby: Do u know it?
Phillip: Yea - its not that good
Fergie Baby: Must've been my bong then cuz I loved it!
Phillip: Lol-
Phillip: Definitely ur BONG!
Fergie Baby: That happens.
Fergie Baby: Okay luv finish ur laundry and I'll see u this week!
Phillip: Yes! go finish ur movies
Phillip: Ok- goodnite fergilicious!
Fergie Baby: Ciao boo!
Phillip: Xoxo

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