Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Designer Portraits

A friend of mine recently said to me "How come you're always whining about how busy you are during fashion week, but then your just doing the same amount of shows as everyone else?" Well, first of all (and yes that's my bitchiest friend) I'm not always just shooting shows. In fact, I'm usually busy with several different projects during fashion week and most are too good to turn down.

Like shooting portraits of the designers backstage during men's Milan/Paris, w
hich was no easy endeavor I assure you. As if rushing and trying to get to shows isn't stressful enough, try getting a designer to stand still for your lens, before, after and at times during a show.

I was thinking when it came time to posting the portraits I'd do one a week with a short explanation of how it went down. But as there is now a preview of what's to come over on the VMAN site, I'm just gonna link to those as they are larger and better quality.


Ernesto said...

Donatella Versace is darn hot!

beverly hills md said...



Steven said...

Did she have a coterie of black dressed minions following her around, like she does in my dreams?

Anonymous said...

Is that LANA Wintour