Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

Halloween is a pain in the ass. I'm sorry, Halloween, New Year's, expectations, drunks, crowds... not for me. As a rule, I generally try to be at home with my remote where it's warm. So A) Happy Halloween (be safe) and B) Apologies to all those who sent invites this week to dress up and party. Now you know. I'm not a fan.

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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Reese Rideout

Since covering him a year and a half ago, Reese Rideout remains at the top of the list for hits to this blog. I'm gonna be out in LA next week shooting, unfortunately he'll be in Oregon.

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Tallulah Ormsby-Gore

Amanda Harlech loves her daughter Tallulah. And I don't blame her. We got to work together last week and it's no surprise to me she's Amanda's. Love her.

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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Danielle Levitt

One of the funnest people I know, Danielle Levitt, is having an opening for her new book We Are Experienced tonight. And I'm in Brooklyn sick. Ugh.

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Monday, October 27, 2008

Jakob Wiechmann

So all the campaign boys are in town, and if playing on the Fendi set last week wasn't enough, having all my favorite boys pop by for a coffee and smoke (or both) certainly is. Starting with my favorite German crush, Jakob Wiechmann, who's killing it this season.

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Robin Byrd

I love me some Robin Byrd. I used to watch her show religously and then I'd see her out on Fire Island years ago (her house is the one that sits on the beach next to Calvin's old place.) She's just as jovial in person as she is on TV. I don't expect many of you youngin's to know who she is but lemme tell ya, she's OLD-school.

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Friday, October 24, 2008

New Face: Theo Hall

I first met Theo Hall backstage at Obedient Sons and then covered him in my VNY post as the hot Canadian kid that plays the cello. He's way cool Theo and since Sunday morning was so beautiful, and we'd just hung out the night before, I decided to get him over to take advantage of the light. We ordered pizza, watched a movie and got a whole slew of great shots.

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Thursday, October 23, 2008


Karl's in town! I was gonna head up to Central Park and shoot their little thingie was cold out. And then I had take-out coming and it was my TV I'm sure it was fun.

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Alasdair McLellan

What more could you ask for than one of your favorite photographers combining two of your favorite models? Well Alasdair McLellan did just that for this month's i-D Magazine. Ryan Schira and Julius Beckers! Could it get any better?

I love the photos, but honestly, after seeing the story it made me realize how far I've got to go as a photographer..Ugh.

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

What Up? Phillip Lim

Phillip Lim has come out of nowhere! Well, actually somewhere. There was winning the CFDA award in '07, followed by a succession of successful collections and then store openings in New York, Tokyo and LA. He has become the "Go-To" designer for chic, affordable fashion and people love him as much as they do the clothes he designs.

I often spend Sunday nights BBM-ing with friends (and yes my BBM name is Fergie Baby) and this weekend was no exception. I touched base with Phillip late one night for a quick catch-up on everything from laundry to dogs, as well as a little personal insight into the man behind 3.1 Phillip Lim.

So What Up Phillip?
Fergie Baby: GGGG-girl!
Phillip: Wad- up JD!
Fergie Baby: Hey sucka!
Fergie Baby: Chillin...watchin Little Britain..u?
Phillip: Yea- same - doing laundry - flipping back and forth between CNN and 'house hunters' on HGTV !!! Boring huh???
Fergie Baby: So ur in for the night?
Phillip: Yup-
Fergie Baby: How was ur weekend? Wha'd u do?
Phillip: Weekend was good - did some gardening. And looking after my pup - whom is a bit under the weather - he contracted a virus. From dogs at washington square park -
Fergie Baby: Ew..
Fergie Baby: What kind?
Phillip: Its called Giardia - it is spread thru contaminated water - (water bowl at the dog park). It is a parasite that causes severe diarrhea. Or if untreated- death
Fergie Baby: Ugh
Fergie Baby: No way
Fergie Baby: Is it going around?
Fergie Baby: Like do other dogs have it?
Fergie Baby: What is he?
Phillip: Yes! he is the cutest french bulldog named oliver - he just turned 3
Fergie Baby: Fun! I've had a lot of friends who've had those...they're a fun breed
Phillip: Yeah - they are the best -
Fergie Baby: Does he come to work with u?
Phillip: He comes on fridays- our office is a daycare for dogs- everyones' dogs comes on friday - for playdates -
Fergie Baby: That's cool

Fergie Baby: Omg philip!
Fergie Baby: Have u seen little britain?
Fergie Baby: Its hysterical
Fergie Baby: I'm watching the one w/ rosie odonnell
Phillip: No I havent- is it on tv now?
Fergie Baby: I "hbo in demand-ed" it
Fergie Baby: Its a riot
Phillip: I've gotta check it out- I'm watching a documentary on runaways-
Fergie Baby: What's been happening w/ u? Have u been out?
Phillip: Just LOTS of work - I've been laying low on the fashion-circuit -thing - just can be too much
Fergie Baby: I know...exhausting right?
Fergie Baby: You've been opening more stores, ya?
Phillip: Yes- we now have 3 - nyc, tokyo, and LA
Fergie Baby: And which was first?
Phillip: NYC - home base was first
Fergie Baby: How r they doing? I remember I shot ur soho opening and I thought the space was so great.
Fergie Baby: R they all like that?

Phillip: They are doing well - they are all different - I think of them as a journey - each one is different due to the experiences that I have had. - so it is like a "diary" - sorta speak
Fergie Baby: Ya I the fruits of ur labor
Phillip: With others in works at the moment - I've been really getting into architecture because of the store projects
Fergie Baby: Like with ur design or as a hobbie or taking on projects?
Fergie Baby: Well obviously ur collection was very architectural
Fergie Baby: I loved it
Fergie Baby: And eddies jewelry added the perfect accent
Fergie Baby: Ur jewelry is always amazing
Phillip: Awe thanks -fergie! Yeah eddie and all the jewelry designers we have collaborated with are all very special -it's an honor to work and collaborate with so many amazing people - its like choosing what color jelly-bellys to eat - cuz they all taste good!
Fergie Baby: Well was jewelry always important to u? It seems to be a special part of ur line
Fergie Baby: Like do u seek these peoples work out?
Fergie Baby: Or r u just selecting from what u love?
Phillip: Yes - jewelry , accessories, shoes, hair - its all important - as they say 'the whole is only as good as the sum of its parts' - yes we seek our collaborators out depending on what we are looking for - and the chemistry they bring for the present collection
Phillip: All the jewelry we use is exclusive to our collection since it is a true collaboration from inception to conception
Fergie Baby: I see
Fergie Baby: And of course I love me a phillip lim casting
Fergie Baby: What's that process like?
Phillip: The theme to our casting is always the song by queen latifah- U.N.I.T.Y!
Fergie Baby: I love it

Phillip: They are "classic with a sense of madness!"
Fergie Baby: And always with a bit of sophistication
Phillip: I think to just fabricate one look is unrealistic and depriving yourself and others of what the world has - there is beauty all around - white, black, brown, yellow. And pink!
Fergie Baby: Pink fer sure...It was all so soft and pretty
Phillip: Thank you! You are always so kind and cool with us - you know I love your site - its the first thing I go to in the mornings!
Fergie Baby: No!
Fergie Baby: I think that is so crazy!
Phillip: Yes! Its true
Fergie Baby: I think I forget sometimes that people r actually reading what I write. It can be tricky like that.
Fergie Baby: I guess you can tell when it's late...and i've been smoking!
Fergie Baby: Do I just babble on?
Phillip: Well you are honest and speak your mind - so you have nothing to worry about
Fergie Baby: That's sorta what I try to keep in mind
Fergie Baby: My gay friends all say "stop doing fashion!"
Fergie Baby: "Only do boys!"
Fergie Baby: And my fashion friends all say "its too gay!"
Fergie Baby: So I'm damned either way
Phillip: Lol- fashion is so fun though- it adds a certain panache - i love the contrast of the two
Fergie Baby: I guess its not a complicated the end of the day its my its lots of different things
Phillip: Exactly - I say do as you feel - maybe today fashion - tomorrow art, next day photography - but always BOYS
Fergie Baby: Yes!
Fergie Baby: Speaking of...I had some over today
Phillip: Lol -
Fergie Baby: The light was so beautiful and I got really nice shots
Fergie Baby: So its been a chill relaxing day with movies and take-out
Phillip: Lol - do you have some over everyday? How does it work - do agents just send them over?
Fergie Baby: Well I'm friends with so many of them so they're just a text away
Fergie Baby: And they're always up for hangin and taken photos
Fergie Baby: So its really just a hangout and pizza with a little intention behind the light and "styling"
Fergie Baby: Which is usually 2 or 3 whatevers I've told them to bring w/ a couple things of mine
Phillip: You have a good job! If we call it that!
Fergie Baby: Hey I wanna ask u!
Fergie Baby: Juliette lewis!
Fergie Baby: L-O-V-E her!
Phillip: Yes. I'm obsessed with her
Phillip: She is sooooooo ridiculously amazing
Fergie Baby: She was w/ irina at the show and then I shot her at Zac
Phillip: I've been dressing her lately for all her gigs
Fergie Baby: She loves ur stuff huh?
Phillip: Yea - we are insync. About her new look -
Fergie Baby: I think she's so MAJ
Phillip: I've always been a fan - and usually am never star struck - but something about her - inspires me
Phillip: Girls like juliette and irina both
Phillip: On so many levels
Fergie Baby: So would u say she's officially ur 2nd muse?
Phillip: Well you have obvious 'fashion girls'. Then you have girls like juliette and irina - they take it to a different level - they show nothing yet bare it all - it's their essence- I wouldn't say 1st or 2nd - its more about kindred spirits and what they are about
Fergie Baby: So whatre u doin now?
Phillip: Folding laundry - (:
Fergie Baby: Hey I pay-perview-ed The Compass
Fergie Baby: With nicole kidman?
Fergie Baby: Do u know it?
Phillip: Yea - its not that good
Fergie Baby: Must've been my bong then cuz I loved it!
Phillip: Lol-
Phillip: Definitely ur BONG!
Fergie Baby: That happens.
Fergie Baby: Okay luv finish ur laundry and I'll see u this week!
Phillip: Yes! go finish ur movies
Phillip: Ok- goodnite fergilicious!
Fergie Baby: Ciao boo!
Phillip: Xoxo

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Joey Kirchner

I did a post a couple weeks ago on Major newcomer Joey Kirchner. Jason sent me this recent shot and I think it's beautiful. I've gotta shoot this kid.

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I used to love flicking through photographer Schohaja's backstage photos from Paris when I was at V. I've always loved her work and was happy to finally meet her over the summer.

Click Max Couture to see her beautiful images.

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Monday, October 20, 2008


I'm a sucker for color. So when I found myself over in Chelsea in front of a gallery the other night, I just had to pop in and snap a couples shots. This was my favorite from Susan Dory's Equipoise over at Winston Wachter Fine Art.

This piece is by Yayoi Asoma and is showing at CUE Art Foundation.

And lastly, this craziness comes from Aaron Johnson and is at Stephan Stux Gallery.

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Yuri Pleskun

I met the coolest kid the other day. His name is Yuri Pleskun and he's with Request. You should see his book.

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Friday, October 17, 2008

Alan Carey

I've been shooting for a Brazilian magazine this week with Juliano from Made In Brazil (who I finally met.) When he said he wanted the freshest hot new faces, I told him Alan Carey was a must.

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Obama '08

I saw this poster of artist Jonathan Horowitz's promoting his private viewing at Gavin Brown's enterprise and nearly wet my pants. We're so close I can taste it.

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Grabbed a smoke with my buddy Mikus over in Union Square the other day. He's so major. And busy! I'm not gonna steal anyone's thunder but, trust, he's got a lot of good shit goin on.

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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Mobile Art

Are you ready? It's coming. Chanel and Zaha Hadid's traveling exhibition featuring pieces by 20 avant garde and up-and-coming artists with their interpretation of the iconic Chanel quilted bag. And wait, that's not all. It's not just the art that's coming (if you're in London, Tokyo, Moscow or Paris) but the structure itself. The pop-up "Art Container," as it's called, was designed by Hadid and will be up at Central Park on the 20th.

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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Hustlaball NYC 2008

What better way to spend a holiday weekend than at Rentboy's Hustlaball with Mr. Mickey? We've been trying to get over there for several years and finally got it worked out. And what a night! The venue was amazing and the place was wall-to-wall with porn stars, jockstraps, hustlers and most importantly, the men who love them. The party went late into the morning, but being the old gals we are, I'm afraid the pungent smell of poppers had us outta there before the live sex kicked in.

Highlights were Robert van Damme, Ricky Sinz, Jason Crew and super-hottie Barrett Long (who you're going to be seeing a lot more of, trust) swinging his legendary 11" schlong around the dance floor. Total blast!

Click here for more pics.

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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Designer Portraits

A friend of mine recently said to me "How come you're always whining about how busy you are during fashion week, but then your just doing the same amount of shows as everyone else?" Well, first of all (and yes that's my bitchiest friend) I'm not always just shooting shows. In fact, I'm usually busy with several different projects during fashion week and most are too good to turn down.

Like shooting portraits of the designers backstage during men's Milan/Paris, w
hich was no easy endeavor I assure you. As if rushing and trying to get to shows isn't stressful enough, try getting a designer to stand still for your lens, before, after and at times during a show.

I was thinking when it came time to posting the portraits I'd do one a week with a short explanation of how it went down. But as there is now a preview of what's to come over on the VMAN site, I'm just gonna link to those as they are larger and better quality.

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Friday, October 10, 2008

Outtakes: Tyler Kenyon

Okay so, as promised, outtakes from the Dressing Up Dressing Down story I did for VMAN 11. Starting with super hottie Tyler Kenyon, who is not only a personal fave of mine but THE ultimate jockboy. I had not seen Tyler since shooting him as a new face over a year ago and I'm grateful he flew in a day early for our shoot.

Take it from someone who looks at a lot of Sean Cody and shoots beautiful boys for a living, Tyler Kenyon is hotter than all of 'em.

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