Monday, September 22, 2008


From the streets of Milan to the subways of NYC, all the boys, consistently, say the same thing. "I'm with VNY." There's no denying owner Lana Winters has played her hand and won. Hitting the radar with Nick Snider for Prada followed by the discovery of the iconic face of Sean O'Pry, clearly Lana is playing with a stacked deck.

I popped by VNY last week and hit the mother lode. Current industry "must-haves" mixed with personal faves and a few I didn't even know she had. One after the other they filed in and luckily my camera was there to capture it all. Shirtless boys, a cute baby, a hot husband and Danny, who I had no idea was so hot.

One of my favorite new faces of the season.

J'adore Lenz. Check out the shots Mert and Marcus did of him for the September issue of V.

Julien Sabaud I met at McQueen this summer, he's French and hot-hot.

The scene.

Who doesn't love Luke Worrall?

Theo is the new black for me. I first saw him at Obedient Sons. He plays the cello.

Matt Egan I shot this summer and then more recently at Patrik Ervell. I always get beautiful shots on him.

This boy has remained out of my grasp. I shot him everywhere from Calvin to Galliano and even covered him in my "Favorites" section as "Favorite boy who's name I never got." And then didn't even realize when I posted him as "Janice" that it was the same kid. Having him walk in to the agency was like finding a missing piece to a puzzle. He's Dutch and appears on the homepage of

"The Face" as I call him, needs no commentary. I will say however, that in addition to inciting excitement among photographers, editors and stylists worldwide he is a total riot. Better than crack-cocaine this one, I'm always happy to see him.

I've always loved Helge's look.

Nick finally rolls in after a morning of shopping with Lana.

Rogier is very special. He's a photographer as well and we did photos of each other backstage at Prada. If you ask any of the guys they will all say the same thing. He is extremely easy-going and one of the nicest people you'll meet.

Gerhard I love. From Costume National to Y-3 he is THE most professional backstage. Whenever I shoot him, he turns, he gives you what you need, and you always nail it in one shot.

Govan I haven't met, but we share the same agency in Germany and they rave about him. He looks a little like Joao in this photo.

This kid is gonna kill it. His name is Zedenek and he's very funny.

I've written quite a bit about Felix Schopgens for V but the shot I grabbed of him backstage Prada is a personal fave.

This kid I just met, but I'm sure if Lana's got em, there are good things to come.

Ollie needs no introduction. He's been killing it.

Sean, Lana and Damien.

Gordie is from Canada and just shot Topman.

Jamie Jewitt is another one that's eluded me. If you go to and click Calvin Klein you'll see just how in to him I am.

Marcus (who's last name has caused me many a late night with the spell check) I always love seeing backstage. He's very chill.

And last but not least, Danny, who's British. I first shot him backstage at Dolce but had no idea how hot he was until the shirt was off and Calvin's were out. He's another one we'll be seeing a lot of very soon. A la Meisel.


Anonymous said...

They have done a superb job with their board but how hard can it be with a face like sean o?

dru said...

def some of the best boys this season..but i love the MAJOR boys!

Anonymous said...

I know a hot asian model in the making

Anonymous said...

Danny is HOT! I just met him on a meisel shoot in LA.

Anonymous said...

How shocking to see a comment about how great Major's "boys" are in a post about VNY.

SiLViOPlaza said...

that danny boy is SOOOO hot!!
my god! i think i won't be able to sleep tonight

Bombchell said...

the Janice, fav boy is super gorgeous! infact a bunch of them are. I honestly forgot how beautiful some guys could be.

hmm I should rethink subscribing to your blog, before it gives me even more unrealistic expectations for guys lol

Isaac Likes said...

I think Zdenek should be the next boy to make it big. A good show season next week then campaign city?