Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Smokin' Hot

Anyone who's read my V blog from the beginning surely remembers the cool-ass Dutch chick I shared a smoke with my first season backstage at Calvin Klein. To quote:

Grabbed a smoke with this cool chick outside of backstage.
"Aren't you exhausted?"
"Well how could you not be?"
"I am exclusive with Calvin Klein. This is the only show I do," she said with a cool Dutch accent.

Not much has changed since then. We're still smokin' and she's still cool as shit. In fact, I just asked her to marry me on her Facebook page. And guess what? She said yes. Sorry boys, it's all about Lara Stone for me now.

Photos: Michaela


MR style said...

that is wonderfull !!!! god i hate u !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sonny said...

that's my x JD, so ofcourse she's a cool chick

victor85 said...

Youuuuuuuuuu are smoking hot JD, i`m your fan! love from brazil

Anonymous said...

smoking is bad for ya, you should try quittin' =P