Monday, September 15, 2008

Calvin's 40th

Calvin Klein's party was a "Who's-Who" free-for-all. Everybody was there and I was thrilled to have access to the best of the best. The night was crazy as I shot five shows, smoked on the way and then shot late into the night. Besides Brooke Shields, Claire Danes, Cynthia Nixon and Martha Stewart (among others) the highlight was definitely having Romulo tell me (just as I was having a panic attack thinking it was 3 a.m. and I'd never be able to get up the next morning) that it was 10:30 pm. It was like finding out it's daylight savings and you just gained an extra hour of sleep.

Not being someone who is easily star-struck, even I have to admit it was exciting to be able to snap shots of so many Hollywood starlets, fashion elite and models all in the same room. Halle Berry was a treat and honestly, if it wasn't for Gabriel, I never woulda got her to stop for my lens. Click here to see who else I captured on this star-studded night.

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Anonymous said...

I saw you at this the way everyone is in black tie and suits and you're running around in cut-offs:) Nice legs by the way.