Thursday, August 14, 2008

What Up? Eddie Klint

I'm in love with Eddie Klint. Not because he's the face of Prada or because he's great to look at but because he's the most happy-go-lucky kid there is. In fact, all I've ever heard about him is how nice he is. And that's not just from his mates. Stylists, designers, photographers, they all say the same thing. And I'm happy to report they're all right.

I first met Eddie in Milan and was instantly drawn to his chill demeanor and unique beauty. (Which is evident from my V coverage which he appears throughout.) He's gone from his hometown of Copenhagen to gaining international recognition, fronting several different lines for Miuccia, several years in a row. A feat reserved for a select few.

He's down to earth, real and extremely easy-going.

So What Up Eddie?

JD Ferguson:
Eddie! Whats up?
Eddie Klint: Not much man just chillin here in Copenhagen.
JD: Ya, I'm in your hometown. How crazy is that?
EK: I know.
JD: What have you been up to since shows?
EK: I just got back from sailing for two weeks in Sweden.
JD: Really? Like friends that had a boat and you just sailed for two weeks?
EK: Ya, one of my Dad's friends built a boat so we decided to take it for a spin.
JD: How big?
EK: Like 30 meters I guess.
JD: So how many feet is that?
EK: Like 100 ft. maybe?
JD: Is it a sail boat?
EK: Ya it was like an old Nazi fishing boat and he bought it in the 70's and has been working on it for 10 yrs. He's been sailing around the world, down to South America and the Caribbean.
JD: Have you grown up being on boats?
EK: I've always been sailing with my Dad. I love it.
JD: Okay so I'm way too hungover this morning to sit and tell you how cute you are.
EK: (laughs)
JD: So lets get a little history on your career thus far. So Jesper at Unique found you here in Copenhagen?
EK: Ya, just right down the street here. One of my friends was opening a shop and Jesper happened to be there, so we met.
JD: And how old were you?
EK: 18.
JD: And your how old now?
EK: 21.
JD: So you went from the store opening to Prada. And you've done quite a bit for them. Which was first?
EK: Technically the fragrance. But the clothes came out before so the first thing that I was seen in was that.
JD: And since, you've done the clothes twice exclusively (with Sasha.) You've done the phone campaign and your fragrance was just picked up for the third year. Were you at all aware how huge that is or has it taken you getting your feet wet to realize?
EK: I still haven't. (laughs)
JD: So are you at all phased by any of this fashion stuff?
EK: Well, in some ways it has definitely changed my life but it was never something I thought or dreamed about. More importantly to me are my good friends and my family. I love sailing, I cook a lot and so fashion has just been something that's fun and that I can make money at and see the world.
JD: Have you traveled a lot?
EK: Ya, I've only ever based out of Copenhagen so I've never spent more than like 6 weeks anywhere and that was New York.
JD: Do you like New York?
EK: Oh I love it.
JD: What are some of your other favorite cities?
EK: London and Paris are cool.
JD: Oh hey! Did I tell you one of your friends is my driver?
EK: No, who?
JD: This kid Louie? He's so funny.
EK: Ya Louie, he's a cool guy.
JD: So what's coming up for you?
EK: I'm going to take some vacation this month in the North part of Denmark and then I'll actually be in New York for like 3 or 4 weeks.
JD: Do you have friends there?
EK: Quite a few.
JD: And what do you like about New York?
EK: I like that compared to Copenhagen it "never sleeps," there's always something going on and I just love the pace and energy of the city.
JD: It's good like that right?
EK: Well
I sorta get the best of both worlds. I can chill and relax here in Copenhagen and then in New York it's the opposite of that.
JD: Okay Mr.Klint, we're both pretty ragged out right now so lets end this because between last night and trying to manuever this Danish keyboard I'm about to slap someone and since you're the closest person to me, I wouldn't wanna hurt that pretty face.
EK: (laughs)
JD: Nice to see you Eddie and I'll see you in a couple hours backstage and then New York in a couple weeks.
EK: I cant wait to go its going to be cool.
JD: When is the last time you were there?
EK: I went like two or three weeks ago, but as usual, it was like two days for work.
JD: What were you doing?
EK: Gap.
JD: First time?
EK: No I've done it a couple times.
JD: Who shot it?
EK: It was Michael Jansson.
JD: Well that's refreshing. Finally a male model that actually knows the names of who he works with. So are you privy to photographers and stylists and who's shooting what and blah blah blah?
EK: Like if I keep up with who's doing what? Or do I know peoples names?
JD: Ya, like are you at all aware of the business or do you pretty much just get your details and get on a plane?
EK: Ya, that.
JD: That's funny.

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MR style said...

oh so sweet ! it's funny to see that some of the most sucessfull guys are so simple and nice whereas the models doin abercrombie & fitch act like stuck up people ! so lame !