Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Unique Models

"Jesper, Jesper, Jesper." That's all anyone said to me before arriving in Copenhagen. "Do you know Jesper from Unique?" Yes, I'm happy to report, I do. We met in Milan and not only is he a lot of fun but he's got a great board. I popped by the agency for my morning coffee and smoke(s) and got to meet the lovely Jaqueline as well as Jeppe (who I'd met in New York with Freja a dozen times.) I loved meeting the gang at Unique. Loved the staff, loved the boys, loved the space and loved Jesper. Who, yes, I know.

In addition to Eddie, Mael, Hampus, my new discovery Jacob and 50 other great guys you know, they've got my boy Lassse Pedersen. Who I met at Burberry and then harassed backstage at Fendi moments before he opened the show.

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Super High Heels said...

they have a great office, yes