Monday, August 4, 2008

Nine Daughters and a Stereo

Several years ago, while working on a Powerhouse Model spread for V, I came across the Cologne based agency, Nine Daughters and a Stereo. Huh? Exactly. The same reaction is evoked, even today, upon hearing the name for the first time. Yes, the name of the agency is actually Nine Daughters and a Stereo. And not only are the boys just as unique as the namesake, but they have my all-time favorite website of any agency I've ever seen.


teri said...

I like this website :) Nice to see something out of the norm.

yibram palacios said...

the first guy (top left) has a strong face... not my type but I've seen some designers love that kind of faces...(!)

Anonymous said...

Dont you listen to Bowie JD? The name of that agency comes from the lyrics of a Davie Bowie song...duh