Thursday, August 14, 2008

Mikkelsen Day

Everything I've shot this week has been fun. Mostly because it's been great to see so many of my favorite guys without all the usual fashion week drama. Mikkelsen Day or "Day" was one big party. Before, during and after. Romulo and Jeremy Dufour were the highlight. Romulo because I've worked with him quite a bit and Jeremy because, well, he's hot.

The show was a huge outside production complete with movie screen, elevated stage and bleachers full of cheering fans. Halfway through the show we were blindsided by a massive thunderstorm which nearly blew away the backstage which was housed by a large white tent. The models were total troopers, as they stared at the chaos, awaiting their turn on the catwalk. Texas was hysterical.

Check over at V later in the week for a complete slide show.

Back Row Top Left: Louie, Adrian Bosch, Maria, Thue, Peter Damgaard, Malene, Amanda

Front Row: Louise Pederson, May Andersen, Romulo, Moi, Jeremy Dufour

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Ryan Mac said...

Love the last image, he looks amazing and so well dressed!