Monday, August 18, 2008

Henrik Vibskov

I was so excited about Henrik Vibskov that anytime anyone asked me what I was doing, all week, I would say "I'm shooting Henrik Vibskov." Even though the show wasn't 'til Saturday. I guess the anticipation had taken over. All anyone talked about all week was "Henrik Vibskov at Christiania." If Galliano was the funnest show I've ever shot, Vibskov was certainly the most unique.

The night was a party from beginning to end. Tons of beer, cool venue, you didn't have to step out back to roll and everybody was there. Including Unique's Jacob Sejr Schmidt who I'm sure is going to be a star.

The high-point for me, however, was playing with my buddy Christian Brylle, whose become quite the little photographer.

Go to for pics from the night and look for Christian's work in weeks to come.


..... said...

i couldnt agree with u ! Vibskov shows are always fantastic !!! from the designs, to the makeup, the way the show looks like.....i'll say he'll be the next Galliano !

Anonymous said...

Henrik Vibskov is great. Do you know where and when his next show is? kathrin

Richard said...

hey JD! i saw you that night at the Vibskov show...remember the kid from l.a.? saw the photo you made of my friend on you have the other photos of us?

Anonymous said...

Christian is hot..