Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Bruuns Bazaar

I loved loved loved shooting Bruuns Bazaar! Not only was the designer cute (so seldom you can say that) and the venue cool, but all the boys were local so everyone knew each other and it was like one big happy family. The collection bordered on chic with fun colors, cool fabrics and just the right amount of skin. But then coats and trousers with nice sweaters. It was all very smart.

And it didn't hurt that all my favorite Danish boys were there. Mathias, Adrian Bosch, Sebastian and Jesper Lund, Lasse, Eddie, this new kid called Jacob who's going to be huge, and you'll never guess who else! Mael! Remember Mael? Mael my first official backstage crush? Anyone that's read my V blog from the beginning, surely remembers Mael. He's still so cute. It was a lot of fun and the pics should be up later today over at


Anonymous said...

is that lasse?

Anonymous said...

I dont see the photos from the show on the v website? Will they be soon?:)