Tuesday, August 26, 2008

See Ya!

So I guess by now you've all figured out I'm back in the city. Yes, my European tour finally came to an end and I've been kickin' it in BK. My buddy Tim grabbed this shot from his balcony the other night and it's pretty much how my evenings have been out here. I'll be taking a big phat break from this blog (and bb) until shows hit, so see ya in the fall!

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I knew the second I did a post on how I'm not doing show cards this season, I'd see one I like. And I love this boy Janice.

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Monday, August 25, 2008


Check out this little hottie Gaspard's got over at Request. He's from Latvia.

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After Hours

One of the highlights from my week in Copenhagen was playing with my buddy Jacob Brown. Thank god we were in the same hotel because he had THE only after hours parties. (Which I was usually too out of it or too busy "ordering-in" to attend.) Here are a few of his personal shots from Rm. 233 as well as a couple nights out on the town.

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Check out Mario Sorrenti on the cover of Purple with Kate. Yumm...

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Friday, August 22, 2008

Jeffrey Kilmer

OMG I've discovered the funnest young photographer! Well actually, I didn't discover him, Paper Magazine did. I discovered him on their website. Jeffrey Kilmer shot fashion in Bushwick for Paper's August issue and he's got a new series running on their site titled, simply, "KIDS FROM MY TRAVELS."

How fun are these shots? Apparently he's got a thing for skinny hipsters and if this boy with the skateboard is any indication of what's to come, count me in. Click here for more boys as well as little bits of info on whoever he's shot. And for more on Jeffrey, check out his site!

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What Up? Agnete Hegelund

Every so often a star comes along and shoots right to the top. Case in point, Agnete Hegelund. Who went from the cover of Italian Vogue with Meisel, to being last seasons "must have" on the runway....to her recent campaign for Calvin Klein. Agnete killed it at the shows and I'm sure we'll be seeing a lot more of her this Fall.

Several weeks ago, I was standing in the rain watching a show in Copenhagen when a friend came up to me and said "I feel like such a fool whenever I'm around Agnete." "Really, why?" I asked. "Well, I've hung out with her quite a bit in New York, but whenever I'm around her, I just can't stop staring at her face."

Well, cut to me 30 minutes later singin' the same tune! Agnete is SO beautiful in person, and like "not a stitch of make-up" beautiful. I enjoyed spending time with her in her homeland and was happy to see she's just as beautiful on the inside as out.

She is a lot of fun, very sweet and refreshingly down-to-earth.

So What Up Agnete?

JD Ferguson: Agnete! We're in NYC! I just saw you in Copenhagen.
Agnete Hegelund: Yes and I'm leaving to Paris tomorrow.
Really? Are you excited?
Very much.
Work or play?
That's the best kind. Why Paris?
Well I never really seen Paris before, only during fashion week or direct bookings. So I'm kind of looking forward to seeing Paris. I've only taken the Metro there like three times or something.
JD: So like, site seeing.
Ya, tourist stuff...museums...just Paris.
JD: Is this your official "getting ready for fashion week" vacation?
Yes, it's good to rest before fashion weeks start.
So fashion week. I remember last season you killed it. You literally did every show from New York to Paris. Was that crazy?
AH: It was nice that it was going so well but its very exhausting.
Ya, I have a whole new appreciation for what "four weeks of shows" feels like. How do you get through it? Or are you fresh enough that its still so exciting and the adrenaline carries you through?
I'm definitely not tired of it. When it starts in New York you get all the big rush but at the end, by the time your in Paris, you've done so much it gets to be routine and your not as nervous which is good. But I'm always enjoying doing the shows, it's more what happens off the runway that wears you down.
Were you nervous when you first started doing shows?
Umm..I was a bit nervous about my first show in the tent. I was really nervous.
So did you always want to be a model growing up or did it just happen?
It just sorta happened. I never really thought about it or even knew that this sort of business existed, or how large it was or that I could make a living like this.
Has it been a pleasant experience so far? Like what do you love about it and what's not so great.
Nothing bad. Until now I've really enjoyed it. Of course your getting tired sometimes but I'm always excited about what's going on and to begin not knowing anything and then to actually see you have a career and then to watch it build and have things get better, its very exciting.
Okay, enough work talk. How old are you?
AH: 20 yrs old.
And do you stay in Copenhagen?
Actually I'm from Odense, which is on the middle island of Denmark.
Is it small?
It's the third largest city in Denmark. Definitely smaller than NY (laughs) but I love Copenhagen. I'm planning to eventually end up there, though right now I am in New York.
And do you have siblings?
I have a smaller brother and smaller sister. I miss them a lot of course. That's the hardest thing about this work, being away from family and friends. But I use Skype a lot.
YES! Fucking Skype! I love it. I just used it on the road, it's genius, no?
AH: Yes and you can see each other when you speak. My friends, for example, we show each other where we are staying...like the room...the bathroom. But if they don't have a webcam they don't want to do it. (laughs)
So are you traveling a lot right now or is your summer pretty free?
Well I've been working a lot this summer because I was here in NY and so I just said yes to a lot of things.
JD: And how do you spend your free time? Do you like to go out? You're in to like music festivals and stuff, right?
Ya, I love to go to concerts.
What was your last one?
I was at Roskilde this summer which was with all my friends from school. We gathered together in a camp and slept in tents and partied the whole time.
Wow, fun.
It was so hot and then in the evening it was so cold so you slept with all your clothes on and then in the morning by 7 a.m. you had to get out of your tent cause you were melting.
JD: And who was there? Bands I mean.
Well my favorite day was Band of Horses and Radiohead.
JD: So your like a total music chick. Did you grow up loving music?
AH: I always listened to my parents music with my painting books and my Dad's headphones., listening to this Danish singer named Kim Larsen.
JD: So do you have a boy back home?
ell I just started seeing someone, it's kind of new.
JD: Wow, congrats. Is he cute?
AH: Very much so.
JD: From your hometown?

AH: From Copenhagen.
JD: Okay I'm not going to pry, but I'm glad you've got a guy. So what do you enjoy more shows or shoots?
AH: That's hard to say, shoots can be really fun and really boring at the same time, as far as like "down-time." Shows are always fun but when you're not on the runway, all the work before, can be a lot.
JD: So will you do University eventually?
AH: Yes, I
will definitely study something.
JD: Like what?
AH: Hmm...maybe film. I always find that very interesting.
JD: Well Lock say's you're a big reader.
AH: Ya.
JD: What do you read?
AH: Right now I'm reading a book called Kafka on the Shore by Haruki Murakami. Before that it was Doghead.
So you're like a serious reader. Like always having a book on you?
AH: Well, I a
lways have a book with me during the shows and then when I travel. I never watch movies on the plane, always reading. It's the perfect time for a good book in this business.
kay so what do you hope for yourself? In life I mean. Like what makes you happy?
Friends and family, being happy about what I'm doing, enjoying the moment. I think it's really important to enjoy what your doing in life. I don't want to look back and not have enjoyed my life 100%.
JD: Good thinking. Okay babe, well it's been fun hangin'. Let's go eat.
AH: Yes.

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Thursday, August 21, 2008


DNA has got the yummiest new boy. And he's Brazilian! (Which you know we love.) I popped by the agency the other day to play with Taylor, Gene and Jaga, and there he was. Issa. I just happened to have a new lens on me so we ran up to the roof (moments before a huge storm) and knocked out a bunch of shots.

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Show Cards

So I'm not doing show cards this season. Mostly because I'm about to take a big-fat break and show cards mean another week of being chained to my computer. I AM however going to give props to Marilyn for doing a bang-up job with theirs. The cards were shot by photographer Glynis Selina Arban and are printed on recyclable paper, which adds an extra beautiful element to the feel of the package.

The images are soft and romantic with a cool Spring palette and feature each girl, first, alone and then a la "triptych" on the back. I think they look great! And don't worry you can still get your fix over at Models.com. They do a great job with the cards. Check it out!

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Jeremy Dufour is...

...a paris et je me fait chier, appelé moi.

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Unique Models

"Jesper, Jesper, Jesper." That's all anyone said to me before arriving in Copenhagen. "Do you know Jesper from Unique?" Yes, I'm happy to report, I do. We met in Milan and not only is he a lot of fun but he's got a great board. I popped by the agency for my morning coffee and smoke(s) and got to meet the lovely Jaqueline as well as Jeppe (who I'd met in New York with Freja a dozen times.) I loved meeting the gang at Unique. Loved the staff, loved the boys, loved the space and loved Jesper. Who, yes, I know.

In addition to Eddie, Mael, Hampus, my new discovery Jacob and 50 other great guys you know, they've got my boy Lassse Pedersen. Who I met at Burberry and then harassed backstage at Fendi moments before he opened the show.

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Monday, August 18, 2008

Henrik Vibskov

I was so excited about Henrik Vibskov that anytime anyone asked me what I was doing, all week, I would say "I'm shooting Henrik Vibskov." Even though the show wasn't 'til Saturday. I guess the anticipation had taken over. All anyone talked about all week was "Henrik Vibskov at Christiania." If Galliano was the funnest show I've ever shot, Vibskov was certainly the most unique.

The night was a party from beginning to end. Tons of beer, cool venue, you didn't have to step out back to roll and everybody was there. Including Unique's Jacob Sejr Schmidt who I'm sure is going to be a star.

The high-point for me, however, was playing with my buddy Christian Brylle, whose become quite the little photographer.

Go to Vmagazine.com for pics from the night and look for Christian's work in weeks to come.

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I'm sorry, Iekeliene is the shit. She shows up, she does the show, she never complains or raises her voice and she's super chill. What else can you ask for in a model? And that face.

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Friday, August 15, 2008

Lenz von Johnston

Late one night in a smoke-filled hotel room in Milan, a bunch of fashion queens sat around discussing their days at the shows and, yes, boys. After kicking names around for half an hour or so, someone chimed in. "Hey, you know who has the BEST personality?" "Leeeeenz!!!" They all shrieked.

I don't know if it's his acting background or hippie parents, but
in a sea of beautiful faces Lenz von Johnston definitely stands out. His new Calvin campaign is out this month with Lara Stone and I think he looks great. Lenz was the first person I called when I got to Berlin for a big night out on the town. (Though it was more like a crawl.)

We L-O-V-E Lenz!

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Thursday, August 14, 2008

What Up? Eddie Klint

I'm in love with Eddie Klint. Not because he's the face of Prada or because he's great to look at but because he's the most happy-go-lucky kid there is. In fact, all I've ever heard about him is how nice he is. And that's not just from his mates. Stylists, designers, photographers, they all say the same thing. And I'm happy to report they're all right.

I first met Eddie in Milan and was instantly drawn to his chill demeanor and unique beauty. (Which is evident from my V coverage which he appears throughout.) He's gone from his hometown of Copenhagen to gaining international recognition, fronting several different lines for Miuccia, several years in a row. A feat reserved for a select few.

He's down to earth, real and extremely easy-going.

So What Up Eddie?

JD Ferguson:
Eddie! Whats up?
Eddie Klint: Not much man just chillin here in Copenhagen.
JD: Ya, I'm in your hometown. How crazy is that?
EK: I know.
JD: What have you been up to since shows?
EK: I just got back from sailing for two weeks in Sweden.
JD: Really? Like friends that had a boat and you just sailed for two weeks?
EK: Ya, one of my Dad's friends built a boat so we decided to take it for a spin.
JD: How big?
EK: Like 30 meters I guess.
JD: So how many feet is that?
EK: Like 100 ft. maybe?
JD: Is it a sail boat?
EK: Ya it was like an old Nazi fishing boat and he bought it in the 70's and has been working on it for 10 yrs. He's been sailing around the world, down to South America and the Caribbean.
JD: Have you grown up being on boats?
EK: I've always been sailing with my Dad. I love it.
JD: Okay so I'm way too hungover this morning to sit and tell you how cute you are.
EK: (laughs)
JD: So lets get a little history on your career thus far. So Jesper at Unique found you here in Copenhagen?
EK: Ya, just right down the street here. One of my friends was opening a shop and Jesper happened to be there, so we met.
JD: And how old were you?
EK: 18.
JD: And your how old now?
EK: 21.
JD: So you went from the store opening to Prada. And you've done quite a bit for them. Which was first?
EK: Technically the fragrance. But the clothes came out before so the first thing that I was seen in was that.
JD: And since, you've done the clothes twice exclusively (with Sasha.) You've done the phone campaign and your fragrance was just picked up for the third year. Were you at all aware how huge that is or has it taken you getting your feet wet to realize?
EK: I still haven't. (laughs)
JD: So are you at all phased by any of this fashion stuff?
EK: Well, in some ways it has definitely changed my life but it was never something I thought or dreamed about. More importantly to me are my good friends and my family. I love sailing, I cook a lot and so fashion has just been something that's fun and that I can make money at and see the world.
JD: Have you traveled a lot?
EK: Ya, I've only ever based out of Copenhagen so I've never spent more than like 6 weeks anywhere and that was New York.
JD: Do you like New York?
EK: Oh I love it.
JD: What are some of your other favorite cities?
EK: London and Paris are cool.
JD: Oh hey! Did I tell you one of your friends is my driver?
EK: No, who?
JD: This kid Louie? He's so funny.
EK: Ya Louie, he's a cool guy.
JD: So what's coming up for you?
EK: I'm going to take some vacation this month in the North part of Denmark and then I'll actually be in New York for like 3 or 4 weeks.
JD: Do you have friends there?
EK: Quite a few.
JD: And what do you like about New York?
EK: I like that compared to Copenhagen it "never sleeps," there's always something going on and I just love the pace and energy of the city.
JD: It's good like that right?
EK: Well
I sorta get the best of both worlds. I can chill and relax here in Copenhagen and then in New York it's the opposite of that.
JD: Okay Mr.Klint, we're both pretty ragged out right now so lets end this because between last night and trying to manuever this Danish keyboard I'm about to slap someone and since you're the closest person to me, I wouldn't wanna hurt that pretty face.
EK: (laughs)
JD: Nice to see you Eddie and I'll see you in a couple hours backstage and then New York in a couple weeks.
EK: I cant wait to go its going to be cool.
JD: When is the last time you were there?
EK: I went like two or three weeks ago, but as usual, it was like two days for work.
JD: What were you doing?
EK: Gap.
JD: First time?
EK: No I've done it a couple times.
JD: Who shot it?
EK: It was Michael Jansson.
JD: Well that's refreshing. Finally a male model that actually knows the names of who he works with. So are you privy to photographers and stylists and who's shooting what and blah blah blah?
EK: Like if I keep up with who's doing what? Or do I know peoples names?
JD: Ya, like are you at all aware of the business or do you pretty much just get your details and get on a plane?
EK: Ya, that.
JD: That's funny.

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Mikkelsen Day

Everything I've shot this week has been fun. Mostly because it's been great to see so many of my favorite guys without all the usual fashion week drama. Mikkelsen Day or "Day" was one big party. Before, during and after. Romulo and Jeremy Dufour were the highlight. Romulo because I've worked with him quite a bit and Jeremy because, well, he's hot.

The show was a huge outside production complete with movie screen, elevated stage and bleachers full of cheering fans. Halfway through the show we were blindsided by a massive thunderstorm which nearly blew away the backstage which was housed by a large white tent. The models were total troopers, as they stared at the chaos, awaiting their turn on the catwalk. Texas was hysterical.

Check over at V later in the week for a complete slide show.

Back Row Top Left: Louie, Adrian Bosch, Maria, Thue, Peter Damgaard, Malene, Amanda

Front Row: Louise Pederson, May Andersen, Romulo, Moi, Jeremy Dufour

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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Hot Boys of Copenhagen

I totally forgot to tell you! Paper Magazine's got a whole "JD Ferguson's Guide to the Hot Boys of Copenhagen" thing happening over on their site. Each one comes with a little blurb about the guy and my choices are probably not what you'd expect. I wanted normal guys (that I would do) off the street and I tried to appeal to all types for the girls over at Paper.

I snapped this guy on a staircase walking in to a party. I spotted him, looked over my shoulder at Mr. Mickey, and the camera was out. I think he's hot.

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Bruuns Bazaar

I loved loved loved shooting Bruuns Bazaar! Not only was the designer cute (so seldom you can say that) and the venue cool, but all the boys were local so everyone knew each other and it was like one big happy family. The collection bordered on chic with fun colors, cool fabrics and just the right amount of skin. But then coats and trousers with nice sweaters. It was all very smart.

And it didn't hurt that all my favorite Danish boys were there. Mathias, Adrian Bosch, Sebastian and Jesper Lund, Lasse, Eddie, this new kid called Jacob who's going to be huge, and you'll never guess who else! Mael! Remember Mael? Mael my first official backstage crush? Anyone that's read my V blog from the beginning, surely remembers Mael. He's still so cute. It was a lot of fun and the pics should be up later today over at Vmagazine.com.

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Hey! So I did a little interview with this fun site called wearethemarket.com. It's basically an online magazine for all things menswear and is based in New York. It was done via my Blackberry on a train ride from Hamburg to Berlin and I'm surprised any of it came out at all (I was a mess on that trip.) Big Up's to Yale Breslin for being so much fun through the process. Check it out!

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Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Ever wondered what it's like to live with a bunch of models? Here's your answer.

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One of my most favorite-ist people in the whole world is Peter Damgaard. I first met Peter years ago in Milan as a model (though he always got the good jobs) and he is actually one of the reasons I came to Copenhagen. He and partner Michelle Jensen (who's very cool) started 2pm in 1999 and have not looked back since. Their board is like an All-Star line-up of "Who's Who" and they are widely respected within the industry.

Their team is like family and being in the agency felt like home. Meeting Thue, Amanda, Maria and Malene was the highlight of my week. As well as Louise Pederson (who is so major), Agnete Hegelund (who I love) and Adrian Bosch (my new BFF.) A bunch of us walked over to the D'Angleterre for tapas the other night and even though Michelle is expecting any day, I still managed to sweet talk her in to a photo. LOVE 2pm!

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